EA won't 'gimp' 360 Dead Space despite tough PS3 dev

The executive producer of EA's new sci-fi horror game Dead Space has told that the development team won't "gimp" the 360 version because the "PS3 can't do it".

Speaking at an event in London today, where got some hands-on time with what's looking like one of 2008's most interesting new IPs, Glen Schofield said that currently the development team is leading on the 360, but will switch to the PS3 in a "month or two".

He stressed that both the PS3 and the Xbox 360 versions of the game will "be the same" when it's eventually released, planned for late 2008.

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Relcom4321d ago

If they can't figure this out here is what to do. Call Insomnia and ask for help. They make AAA game in 1 year that look and play great!

Problem solved

Lifendz4321d ago

COD4 did it, Naughty Dog did it, and Insomniac is taking it to places we've never seen. EA, this is not going to fly. Yes 360 has the larger installed base but does that mean you put the PS3 version of games on the backburner? Not cool. I'd rather there wasn't even a PS3 version if we're going to get inferior ports or have to listen to Devs b!tch about how hard it is to develop on the system.

aftrdark214321d ago

I think you should copy/paste that reply in every thread where EA complains about developing for the PS3.


Cwalat4321d ago

that way, BOTH will be identical,

EA, is one of the biggest devs out there, how the fuukk can u guys come out lookin like pile of noobs ?

gamesR4fun4321d ago

that their better with the 360 and not that the 360 is better than the ps3....
"What happened was the 360 came out a year ahead, so we started developing early on it. Then all of a sudden it was the lead SKU. So it won for two years. For two years it was the one we were just working on. And so our knowledge base is around that. Now you see the tide is starting to turn especially in Europe. So it's really just engineering catching up with it."

Kinda sad tho when so many other devs are able to tap it so well already... So either they have a bunch of retards working for them or they just havnt put enough resources into tapping the new tech in the ps3.....
Kinda sad when you think about 50% of their sales are coming from Sony. Over 300 mil sold on the ps2 alone.... You'd think it be in their own interest to put some money in the ps3....

ruibing4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

As of right now, I've completely stopped purchasing EA games. The last one I bought last year was Rock Band. I really don't like the idea of supporting developers that one moment pats a console on the back at the same time trying to trip it.

For sports, I turn to 2K and Sony. For FPS, I turn to Insomniac, Infinity Ward, and Epic. Basically for whatever genre EA tries to venture in, there is always a better alternative.

4321d ago
MikeGdaGod4321d ago

never heard of this game

prowiew4321d ago

Keep in mind that for third party to make great games they need to have support from sony. I think thats been the biggest problem. Every sony game looks amazing, but third party games has been struggling. Sony need to step it up in their support and tools. Obiously insomniac, naughty dog, etc. has 100% support from sony.

Salvadore4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

Geez, aren't these guys responsible for great titles like Army of Two and Burnout?

Sarick4321d ago

the media eats this stuff up and spits it back out to joe public.

Reviews and such prove that they've not taken the PS3 userbase seriously. This in turn makes people not buy their games on the PS3.

EA needs to wake up and do a few great games that aren't just equal quality but better by using as much as the PS3 power they can tweek out of it.

They've been making the 360 verions superior because the PS3 versions where ports.

Stop for a moment if you make the games without thinking "if we add this much detail will it make us redo the engine so the other console can adapt to it." Your only setting yourself up for failure if you limit the potential for the sake of equality if your using the lowest common denominator technology specification as a guideline.

EA your like a painter painting a floor. Instead of painting from the inside to the outside your painting from the outside to the inside trapping yourselves in the middle of wet paint.

This is why your ports are so inferior on the PS3. The media knows this, Customers know this and you know this. That's why the 360 versions sale better and will continue to sale better untill you give people a reason to buy PS3 versions because they utilise the PS3'S potential.

1.0 So the answer to your question "So why is everyone complaining"

Because EA talks the talk but people doubt they'll walk the walk, talk is cheap.

ravinash4321d ago

I really, really, really, really hope that they pull it off as I would prefer to have it for the PS3.
This looks like such a great game.

I don't know why people are getting upset about something that has not been completed yet....I'll be up set if it comes out and its below standard. But if they are only changing over the PS3 now as the lead to develop for, then its going to be another year before this comes out.
By that time if EA has any standing in the computer game business then they would have sorted out their PS3 woes......I hope.

Bubble Buddy4321d ago

It's true, Insomniac has few guys there and produce much much better games than EA. Screw live for EA all about 2k now for nba.

fusionboxer4321d ago

Whether or not you support the ps3 or 360, the fact that EA cannot make great games has been known for quite some time.

They have a ton of workers, many bases all over the US and world, but can't seem to somehow put resources or time into learning how to program for a specific console when it's not just a hobby, but their job.

I mean great that they're going to try to push the game to it's full potential on the 360, but it's obvious to almost every developer out there at this point that the ps3 can be pushed farther then any console out right now just based on specs alone. It really just shows who has talent and who doesn't within the industry and if this particular developer can't create a solid playstation title then they've already lost one customer and possibly the respect of their colleagues at GDC this year.

hades074320d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

EA needs two seperate development teams for the 360 and PS3. Have all the same artwork and textures and designs and everything for both games but specific people for each system. I say this because both systems are so different from what I remember. The 360 has a unified archtecture with shared ram for all of the system processes whereas the PS3's architecture is more seperated with dedicated ram for the system video card, etc. Obviously both systems have their strentghs and weaknesses. The 360 a more streamlined GPU-CPU so it can produce better particle effects and sometimes textures, whereas the PS3 has a more powerful CPU which helps it have better physic effects. So why dont they add more particle effects and whatever else to the 360 version, and more Physics effect and whatnot for the PS3 version. I know this will create even more comparison-fanboy non sense for people to post on N4G, but in the end it will be better for the owners of each system to take advantage of each of their strengths instead of leaving their strengths out and just going with the lowest common denominator.

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Anego Montoya FTMFW4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )


like GT5, RFOM2, KILLZONE 2.

that kinda gimped?


I approved this cause, this is SO FUNNY it`s newsworthy.


aftrdark214321d ago

I laughed when I read the title

4321d ago
aftrdark214321d ago

The "phantom" disagree is showing up again...

Anego Montoya FTMFW4321d ago

the ghost of N4G loves to disagree w/ me.

sak5004321d ago

@ 2
How are these games you listed above? Did u finish them all or just started playing?

mesh14321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

hahahahahahahahah thank good i can read some real news from E.A who are more qualified than the fanboys on this thread i rather hear the truth from them than the lies from you the are telling the truth.

LJWooly4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

wrong place, sorry :)

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Skerj4321d ago

Yes, everyone knows porting 360 code to PS3 works wonders. ..

Anego Montoya FTMFW4321d ago (Edited 4321d ago )

is beyond me.



the LEARNING CURVE period is OVER.

2008 FTW.

Skerj4321d ago

I don't know, but I hope they're right in the article when they talk about moving the code over and optimizing. Shoddy ass ports will not be tolerated in 08, especially around the time Resistance 2 is launching.

mighty_douche4321d ago

Skerj, thats news to me.... lol...

anyway, i thiought this game was Capcom? maybe im confusing it for something else.

DTClown4321d ago (Edited 4320d ago )

are the devs who don't learn the newer, more powerful hardware. Otherwards, EA is gimped! EA, all you have to do is look at your own Criterian (Burnout Paradise) to see how multi-platform games should be developed. (PS3 lead platform)