Francis is Back, and He is Pissed at the Wii U

Kotaku - Francis, the vox fulminati of gamers worldwide, has contemplated yesterday's formal unveiling of the Wii U's price, specifications and launch lineup and offers this cogent analysis of its shortcomings, plus the phonetic pronunciation of "TVii."

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Hatsune-Miku2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

I agree that Wii u is old tech and not worth the price at all. There are too many negatives about the Wii u like the mass old ports of third party games and the exclusives are lacking in numbers with little shown to be released soon after release.

The Wii u is a gimmick like the Wii and I sat and waited for the Wii to get good but it was the silly NES fanboy in me clouding my judgment where I made excuses for all of Nintendos shortcomings

PopRocks3592229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

You're aware this is a parody video, right? Of course you do. You trolls can't be this stupid.

Carl_Shocker2228d ago

"You trolls can't be this stupid."

Your so bitter arn't just can't help yourself

Was there any need to personal attack and name call him...don't like his opinion just move on.

I wouldn't even say his comment was it with some real trollish comments around the internet and you see it's not even that bad. Maybe he's being a little one sided but not trolling...I feel people have forgotten the real meaning of the word on here.

PopRocks3592228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Bitter? Hardly. It gets tiresome seeing this particular accounts saying pretty much the same thing on every Wii U post.

"Wii u is a gimmick" like we haven't heard that before. If he hates the Wii U so much, why didn't he stop after the first eight times he posted about it?

Trolling is inciting heated argument and debate with a statement, one that's often inflammatory. Clearly you're the one who doesn't know what trolling is.

EDIT: And as for me 'attacking' him, I think it's appropriate given that he is agreeing with a character who is providing a PARODY of people who hate the Wii U. This video is a parody and you both may want to look up the word in a dictionary.

MaxXAttaxX2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

It's a parody, but he uses real info. It's always been that way. Most of the joke is still on the Wii U.

It's as new as the 4th "New" Super Mario Bros game.

Hisiru2228d ago

Don't get mad at Francis, he is just a character.

And [email protected] folks saying "I agree with him" but they don't even know it's just a character.

DarkTower8052228d ago

@ PopRocks359, Dude...why do you feel like you have to be on damage control 24/7 in EVERY Wiiu article? Nintendo doesn't need your help defending itself, they will continue trucking along like they always do.

On topic, this video was hilarious. I've never seen this guy before but he had me rotfl. I loved the end best of all."Why did you do this to me....I guess I'll buy this one too." Lol.

gaffyh2227d ago

Lol this video was quite funny, once you get past the borderline racist Japanese rant. But the sentence at the very end sums it up for me completely, just like Apple fans.

JeffGUNZ2227d ago


"Just like Apple fans"

Really? I am pretty sure Apples products continue to add new features and innovate overall. The WiiU is dated technolog that should have been the console that release against the 360 and ps3. In a year or so, the nextbox and ps4 will blow this technology away.

Oh, let me guess, you're an android user. It' hilarious, I never see any Apple users trash android users, but anytime an Android user can take a stab at Apple, they do. It' funny, if it was't for Apple and their iphone, you wouldn't be using your android device. Also, anyone who really refers to people as fanboys because they use a different phone is a pathetic nerd with a elitist attitude. Apple and Android both offer great phones and devices. Without their competition, we wouldn't have half the features we have on our devices. Grow up and stay on topic.

gaffyh2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

@above - Maybe not exactly, but it's a very similar type of sheep-like purchase, by that I mean the people who upgrade through every device that Apple releases. e.g. have owned every version of iPhone.

It's different if it's been a couple of years and you want to upgrade though.

Btw, I only own an iPhone, I'm not an Android user at all, and I'm not talking about the layman that just buys one or two apple devices, I'm talking about the people who buy EVERY Apple device, despite limited upgrades.

Also lol @ "grow up", look at the topic. We're watching a guy rant on the Wii U

MaxXAttaxX2226d ago (Edited 2226d ago )

Like the notifications bar, folders among other things they copied...sorry... "innovated" from Android?
Does iPhone have an App drawer or widgets yet? Or is it still just walls and walls of icons? I can't tell. iOS always looks the same to me.

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for we are many2228d ago

You, Sir/Madam, are a very..very dedicated troll. Congratulations, you win the booby prize.

ronin4life2228d ago

... that doesn't sound like a BAD prize...

AusRogo2228d ago

@aawells07 Haha that's what I thought, the song was playing in my head as soon as I saw his name lol

ChickeyCantor2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

"I agree that Wii u is old tech and not worth the price at all."

What would make it new-tech? If the Sony brand is slapped on it? WTF.

I bet you don't even have any knowledge on any kind of hardware. You wouldn't even know how to utilize it even if they threw a manual at you.

And you haven't even explained why Wii-u is a gimmick. In fact Gimmick doesn't mean "bad" by definition. You were never a nes fanboy. You're just on the wagon of hate that takes everything out of proportion.

blumatt2228d ago

If Sony was slapped on it, it would STILL be oldish tech. LoL.

Nintendo had been known to get away with giving less-than-desirable hardware specs. Sony would be bashed to death if they came out with a console with these specs. MS would too.

dark-hollow2228d ago

For someone who doesnt care about the wii u, you sure post on it articles a lot....

Lord_Sloth2228d ago

You should follow AC3 and MGRR. Cosgrove posts and insults EVERY SINGLE SUBMISSION! Usually he's the 1st 1 there.

jaymart2k2228d ago

I bet he hasn't seen his Wii in years & I'm not talking about the console.

tubers2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Ahh Miku, will you have a Project Diva/Mirai on the Wii-U? :)

But isn't the GPU and RAM a somewhat better than the PS360s? Not to mention the tablet-ish device doesn't seem too cheap. Aren't regular PS360 controllers 40+ dollars and I am sure the components of those are cheaper.

Also it's optical must be above average too since I hear it uses 25 GB discs (I am guessing a BD Drive with low licensing and therefore won't play BD movies).

300 dollars doesn't seem TOO much for this Wii-U..

I am not too sure though if there are considerable hidden costs though xD

AO1JMM2227d ago

He was being sarcastic and the video wasn't meant to be taken seriously you FOOL!

ninjabake2227d ago

The issue here is your going off of what you hear. The Xbox 360 was using tech from 2003/2004 and it released in 2005. No problem there right? The Sega Saturn used tech from 1993 with a 95 release no issue there either...right? The original Xbox used tech from 1998/99 and released in 2001, you get the point.

If your gonna get on the Wii U for having "old tech" (from 2010) then you have to get on every console before it. No system uses parts from the year its released due to manufacturing issues.

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LOL_WUT2229d ago (Edited 2229d ago )

"Wii U, Wii U, Wii U thats the sound of an ambulance coming to save your @ss"

Lmao how come i've never heard of this guy before. ;)

Lord_Sloth2228d ago

Why'd you shave your epic beard, bro?

omi25p2228d ago

Yeah except he was funny.

Megaton2227d ago

He first made the joke in a vid from June 6th.

3 days after the one you posted, but I highly doubt he stole it from you.

MidnytRain2228d ago

If you liked this you'll love his rant on Mass Effect 3.

-Mika-2228d ago

Ugh instead of sitting on the computer making rants videos. You need to go to the gym and lose some weight. That is just seriously disgusting.

DarkBlood2228d ago

i agree on that health wise but on the other hand theres no need for you to care, not like your forced to go out with the dude lol

ChickeyCantor2228d ago

I can bet on it that Mika doesn't go outside either. Watches anime all day and fantasizes about tsundere.

ninjahunter2228d ago

Hey man, if you have a job and a home of your own, that sounds like a good life to me haha.

iamnsuperman2228d ago

Yer it isn't healthy but in a way it goes with the character he has made. I do not think his videos would have the same appeal if he was not obese

pandaboy2228d ago

Watch his videos, he talks about the psychological difficulties for him to lose weight. He even has a weight loss channel on youtube. Get to know the person before making knee jerk comments like that.

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GribbleGrunger2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Can anyone who thought was was informative or funny please form a list below so that I can put you on my blocked list. Thanks. Next up, lowest score for LBPVita on Metacritic.

richierich2228d ago

Im sure this guy will buy the WiiU anyway it doesnt look like he has any other hobbies apart from playing video games

shackdaddy2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

This is a parody video. Francis is just a character he made up that hates on everything.

If anything, he's making fun of people who actually do act like this...

PopRocks3592228d ago

Glad someone here has enough brain power to process that fact. Bubble up.

bwazy2228d ago

Oh I'm sure eating is on the top of his list.

Grap2227d ago

of course eating is on the top of the list for everybody. i am only have 110 lb and it's on my top of the list this is how to survive.

live2play2228d ago

oh so i guess you dont consider pie eating contests a hobby!? : /

richierich2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Well I never thought of pie eating contests now that you mentioned it