Boogerman Retro Review I Play Legit

Ms. Throwback of Play legit Writes "This game is the true meaning of fun and it’s a game that should not be missed. People that got caught up in the awesome gaming year that was 1994 may have missed this title, but you owe it to yourself to go find this game and play it. It’s a treasure to behold."

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fei-hung2227d ago

I loved this game. It was full of awesomeness and a good kinda shit made me give a shit enough to buy it and play the crap out of it.

It was so good, it flushed away competition through its creativeness and being able to go where not many men have been before - the mystical land of poopoo pipes.

A HD remake would be welcome, especially for free on ps+! Let the shit hit the fan!