How one man made an 1,800 player action game where an entire industry couldn't

Red Bull "Forget Grand Theft Auto: Just Cause 2 is the ultimate virtual playground for gamers. The lush island of Panau stretches across 400 square miles of territory - roughly the same size as Hong Kong, except somebody drew it."

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vortis4025d ago

When the heck did Red Bull get into gaming?

Everyone's a critic these days.

zeal0us4024d ago

More like anyone can be a critic these days.

ab5olut10n4023d ago

more like "critics these days"

CaptainMarvelQ84023d ago

more like "crickets these days"

cleft54023d ago

That's exactly why I don't trust reviews anymore.

pixelsword4023d ago

That's exactly why I don't just employ any whore.

ab5olut10n4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

That's exactly why I don't rush the smorgasbord.

BitbyDeath4023d ago

That's exactly why anyone can be a cricket these days

blumatt4023d ago

I've enjoyed Just Cause 2 way more than I ever did GTA 4. It's so much bigger and there's more to do. It's also much more fun. Such freedom exists in the gameplay. The grapple hook and parachute. The jets and helicopters. You can get on top of the jets and skydive from them. So sick!!

I do hope GTA 5 is better than 4 was. I'd it's anything like San Andreas was, it should be an improvement over GTA 4.

AsheXII4023d ago

He's right though, JC2 is much better than GTAIV.

sikbeta4023d ago



Liked JC2 alot, great game with so much replayability...

Razmossis4022d ago

All joking about Red Bull aside; I think that that was a great article to read, quite enjoyable. Well above the quality I have come to expect on N4G.
I, for one hope to see more articles from the Red Bull site like this in the future.

Definitey beats the "10 reasons why" articles that clog this site.

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iamnsuperman4023d ago

It makes sense since they are a really unhealthy drink and gaming tends to go hand in hand with that (they have advertised in games like Worms, I think as a weapon, and Wipeout) If I remember rightly Red Bull is making a video game as well but I could be wrong.

fei-hung4023d ago

I remember Playstation Home had a Redbull game when they 1st released Home.

TotalHitman4023d ago

I think the Red Bull game is still there.

Campy da Camper4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

I slept outside BestBuy the day the 360 came out and at about 430AM the redbull truck pulled up and handed out free redbull to the people in line. That might not mean much but there were there....

mochachino4023d ago

Just curious if that console still works?

xAlmostPro4023d ago

Well what does it matter when it's a valid criticism?..

P.S Redbull have sponsored a few gaming tournaments i'm sure.

neogeo4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

Wrong. Red Bull even had there own programmers make that cool Playstation Home place. They love games and I always see them supporting and puting money in game ads.
On Topic: JC2 is still a fantastic game and holds up well even today. I really love the polished finished feel to the game and the best part is PC gamers did not get a sloppy port like Skyrim. Even without mods the PC verison can be really cranked up, not just talking about AA and 1080p You can make the water settings amazing. It looks 10 times better then ps3 or 360. A boss game done right!

Now please excuse me while I down a red bull and go play some JC2:)

Superted20074022d ago

Red Bull might not be associated much with the gaming industry but I think the article raises an interesting point...It's weird that this is the first game/mod of its kind

vortis4022d ago

Nah, this isn't the first of its kind. There were Sven co-op mods for Half-Life before it, Doom mods, the Halo mods, Quake, mods, etc., etc.

This is the first time a multiplayer mod has gained mainstream attention, though.

360ICE4022d ago (Edited 4022d ago )

It's a good day when the four first posts are bubble+ worthy.

And it doesn't stop there. This topic is my new favorite now. What was the news story again?

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Muffins12234023d ago

Hey cosplay guy... replied to your last comment on that sex game.

SteamFrostedEgg4023d ago

Ok... Somebody wants attention.

Sono4214023d ago

Hey Muffins, I'm replying to your comment right now.... look at me!

MySwordIsHeavenly4023d ago

Download Just Cause 2 on PC.

Download BOLO Patch 4.0.

Enjoy the rest of your life.

M1chl4023d ago

Its called BOLO patch? : D Nice one : D

Hufandpuf4023d ago

the video game industry lacks creativity and risk.