Wii U: The Good, The Bad, and The Really Ugly

SuperPhillip Central writes, "Yesterday the three major branches of Nintendo: America, Europe, and Japan, conducted different events for the true preview of the Wii U console. Now prior to this day, the execution of getting gamers hyped for the system proved futile and were just downright poor.

With my experience of hype, I really had zero for the console after E3 2012. Then, lo and behold, this event came and went and suddenly I am feeling the hype. A Nintendo launch always possesses some form of unexplainable sense of magic for fans, and I, too, am feeling it this time around. Not to say the console will come anywhere near the success of Nintendo's previous effort, the Wii. But then again, I think it's safe to say not a lot of consoles will reach that sales threshold anyway.

Regardless, I have sat through and watched the American media event, the European Nintendo Direct, and looked at the pretty pictures and statuesque Satoru Iwata during the Japanese Nintendo Direct and have dissected what I perceive to be the good, the bad, and the really ugly (and I did need to add the word "really" in there). What parts of the Wii U come off looking strong? What parts come off in a negative light? My answers are as follows:"

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stuntman_mike2277d ago

Well written article. made some good points and the whole bayonetta 2 thing, I wouldnt even call them people gamers their just haters.
I dont think it was even the fact that Nintendo got bayonetta 2 exclusivley it was just their hatred for the wii u coming across.