Gamespot Suffers Biggest Blow Yet with Latest Exit from Company


"The once proud videogame website,, has been the subject of much media scrutiny as of late, and frankly we grew tired covering the continued onslaught of employee exits.

That was until today. Forget Jeff Gerstmann, Frank Provo, Alex Navarro, and Ryan Davis. In fact, forget every five fingered contributor that has parted ways with the company - because this loss outweighs them all in the realm of importance."

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Marceles4326d ago

"Spot himself is calling it quits. The long time silent investor and brand genius responsible for exactly half of the company’s well established name, has decided that there are now better uses for his time."

lol...damn thats bad when even Cool Spot leaves you

v1c1ous4326d ago

i can't wait to see him in VC

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The story is too old to be commented.