Why Bayonetta 2 Is More Important To Nintendo Than Call of Duty

Chris Pereira: Word that Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 would be coming to Wii U had been circulating for months; it was reported to be the case back in June and was seemingly confirmed when it showed up on a QA tester's resume in August. It wasn't until yesterday's Wii U press conference that we got official word that it was coming, and since then Nintendo has positioned the game as being one of the main ways it will attract hardcore gamers to the system. In reality, I think it's another third-party game announced yesterday that is far more important in this regard.

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Hatsune-Miku2277d ago

Wait what! I'm as confused as hearing Wii u being referred to as next gen.

knowyourstuff2276d ago

Bayonnetta 2 more important than Call of Duty... right... because the first one had such a huge following, with a mere 1.35 million in worldwide sales. Whereas Call of Duty MW3 sold that on its first day before you could say "Sega Dreamcast".

NewMonday2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

i telling thing about fan anger is that a majority don't plan on getting a WiiU.

don't think just one game that will eventually release on the 360 and PS3 will make much difference, gamers need more to be convinced

omarzy2276d ago

How many articles are you going to do this on? You seem to have some sort of confusion on every article. I'm glad that Luka, Rin, and Lin do not know about this.

Summons752276d ago

Well considering it IS the next generation of Nintendo hardware, that would mean it's NEXT GEN

omarzy2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Can't...comprehend....logi cal statements...oh no...IQ is rising...must lower IQ as to avoid...disagrees.

shackdaddy2276d ago (Edited 2276d ago )

Wow. You sure do have a weird obsession with Nintendo. You're like the first commenter on most of the articles...

Tultras2276d ago

Knowyourstuff, Call of duty was never that big on Nintendos platforms.

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Megaton2276d ago

Bayonetta's more important because it's an exclusive. You can play Madden Warfare anywhere, and most people who still play it already play it with the bros on 360. That being said, Bayonetta didn't do well in sales the first time around. A repeat or worse wouldn't be shocking, especially when limiting it to a new console amid much gamer hostility.

gamer78042276d ago

Just to correct, bayonetta sold pretty well, nearly 900k in the US, and 1.8m globally.

Megaton2276d ago

Well obviously Sega didn't deem that good enough to merit funding a sequel.

showtimefolks2276d ago

I don't think so COD is a lot more important than bayonets at the very mst bayonets will help sell 10-20k units while COD can mve millions.

You have to understand bayonets sold well on 2 systems with huge install bases while wiiu is fairly new.

One other thing I would love to see Nintendo MS or Sony pick up vanquish 2 that would be epic.

Nintendo has a long way to go but it's a positive start lets not hate on something that isn't even out, keep an open mind lets see how well t ones 6-12 months after launch and 3part support.

Not much from EA or SE.

Megaton2276d ago

Why would CoD move any? Everyone who plays CoD already plays it with all of their friends on a PS3 or 360. Network effect controls where that game is popular.

TekoIie2276d ago

I think both are equally important. I mean we might find some fans of bayonetta buy a Wii U for it and COD is guaranteed to sell so really both on the Wii U is a good thing for Ninty.

Hazmat132276d ago

strange comparison a military first person shooter to a big white women that loves BDSM.... at least both are on the wiiU so no mater what WiiU will get good stable foundation.

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2276d ago

The 10 people that bought Bayonetta must be pumped for this one lol JK JK JK don't de-bubble me >_<

gamer78042276d ago

if 10 people = 1.8m , yes.

cruxito2276d ago

I'm just not confident in forking over 300+ on another halfway system. To be honest, I'm having trouble even justifying buying the next generation of consoles. What with all the DRM and ways companies will try to ass rape your wallet(disk-locked content/half games/). i bought Bayonetta twice , one for me and one to loan it to my friends which 4 of them platinum bayonetta

gamer78042276d ago

I bought. 2 copies as well, looks like 0 this time around

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