NHL 13 Code Issues Still Being Resolved, Xbox 360 Pre-Order Codes Now Work

If you happened to buy NHL 13 this week, you probably encountered issues when you tried to redeem any type of codes you received with the title.

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Relientk772320d ago

I hope they fix 'em for all the people who bought the game

BaltimoreNovak2320d ago

My copy of NHL 13 actually had an on-line pass for madden 13 inside, after getting on live chat with an ea rep I was given the proper code.

TrendyGamers2320d ago

Wow, that's pretty bad. Glad it was fixed though.

bub162320d ago

do they even check these games once there made? to many games these days come out half made and you have to wait another 6 months to fix all the bugs