Xbox Portable: why isn't Microsoft building it?

From the article: "there is much more room for Microsoft in the portable gaming domain because it only confronts two main rivals, Sony and Nintendo. Yes, those are powerful adversaries, with strong brands, huge install base and a lot more experience. But hell, they're only two, and their combined value doesn't even come close to Microsoft's ($276.88 billion), and it's not like the latter has no experience in gaming, right? Generally speaking, Microsoft owns the desktop (and laptop) market with the Windows platform, has a strong position in the fixed-console market, but obstinately refuses to come up with a portable gaming device, although it does have the money, the logistics and the people to invent it."

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Mr PS34324d ago

Well quite simple really
They have'nt invented the small portable version of the RROD yet

ruibing4324d ago

I think that touches on the weakness of MS's hardware development team. Take the Zune (1st gen) for instance, I won it a career fair raffle recently and found that it only has about 5-6 hrs of battery life even with all features disabled. They would really need to beef up their hardware development standards if they want to make a portable game console that will stand up the well established DS and PSP.

The-Director4324d ago

i think people will have a hard time trusting Microsoft hardware again

if a console dies from heat "RROD" and dvd-rom failure , i think their portable system will crash just for pressing the buttons !!

MrFurious4324d ago

Indeed the lack of reliable products at Microsoft should not encourage innovative and sepcific market developments. Making handhelds with latest CPU tech will be possible only if it is built as a pc for M$. i.e. go and buy a Asus EEE PC, then you have your M$ mobile device, not as advanced as a home XBOX360 but enought to play Oblivion in low res or GTA San andreas in good conditions.

Capt CHAOS4324d ago

If MS decide to put two analogue controllers on it.

mikeslemonade4323d ago

Many of the exclusive developers for the 360 aren't used to making handheld games and Microsoft doesn't have that vast 1st party support so they would have to spend even more money trying to sign other developers. And a handheld would be a losing proposition because they would be starting off from scratch like xbox 1. This will not sell in Japan and likely not sell in Europe.

Chuck Norris4323d ago

I think they've finally grown a conscience. MS should just contend with ruining one console per generation.

sloth4urluv4323d ago

wtf happened to the gamer zone already?
I believe they created this seperate section so you can looks at a comment without reading
Play B3yond
and waitstation.

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Skerj4324d ago

Handhelds are a hard market to break into, Nintendo has the stranglehold on it and that doesn't seem to be a trend that will ever change. I'm happy and surprised that Sony has had such success with the PSP because I do think it's the best handheld ever.

akaFullMetal4324d ago

i agree, with everything you can do, and now with skype, its pretty much a swiss knife of technology, and the games are awesome, cant wait for god of war, and ff7 cc

TheTwelve4324d ago

Agreed. As much as I love the PSP, I too am pleasantly surprised that it's managed to come so far against the DS.

But the article mentions that Microsoft opted not to buy Nintendo in 2000. Sheesh...imagine if they did...

Master Chief would be in Mario!


shotputking4324d ago

it's just too hard for microsoft to compete in this japanese dominated market... not only are they faced with japan only supporting their own products, but also americans who will buy japanese products simply because they are japanese. microsoft needs to focus on consoles and see how they are doing by the end of this generation before they decide to enter another tough to break into market.

mighty_douche4324d ago

Well they left it far to late now. The DS has the casuals on board and for the more adventurous theres the PSP with all its homebrew/custom firmware options.

M$ should stick to what there good at (not sure what that is) or if all else fails, buy a smaller successful company.