New GTA IV Preview in Computerbild-Spiele

The latest issue of German magazine Computerbild-Spiele contains a new five-page preview of GTA 4, eleven new gameplay screenshots, and one new piece of artwork.

* Pedestrian reactions are more true-to-life than in previous games.
* The WASTED! system is still intact. If you die, you end up at the nearest hospital (minus your weapons) the next morning.
* One button press will get you into a car. A second button press is required to start up the car's engine.
* Niko wears a helmet while riding motorcycles.
* Surroundings are more interactive (bullet holes from gunfire, environment reacting to explosions, etc).
* You can find "useful things" in cars that you hijack.
* The game is set in 2008.

The German magazine is still in the process of being translated, so keep checking for any updates i will add.


Including scans.

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closer and closer to april 29 i will be camping on april 28 gta is the only games i wait hours to get

Exhaust4326d ago

I pre-ordered my 360 collectors edition back in June of last year but I'm still going to be there waiting in the morning when they open and I'm taking off work Tuesday through Friday that week.

Can't wait.

Pauloitis4326d ago

Dont you preorder it!?!


yea i do but so doses everybody else and their mother so everybody who preordered it will be there. it garentees my copy but i will have to wait which i wont be doing because im camping out...better bring the smores lol

Pauloitis4326d ago

LOL i know what you mean, i am lucky because it seems where i am there are not many people with a Playstation 3!!! WOO!!!

OpiZA4326d ago

C'mooooon April.... C'moooooooooooooooooooon APRIL!

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