Iwata Asks... an internet fanboy

The latest in our ongoing series of exclusive Iwata Asks interviews sees Nintendo’s head honcho finally locating and confronting one of the many internet trolls who constantly put his company down.

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-Mika-3202d ago

This wasn't even funny...

Hatsune-Miku3201d ago

Someone should really ask Nintendo why the revolutionary wiimote isn't the default controller of the Wii u? Someone should also ask why my mobile phone is more powerful than a Wii u before its even out

PopRocks3593201d ago

Why would the default controller on the Wii U be the Wii remote? Controllers always change from generation to generation, even Sony's. Look at the SIXAXIS controller.

Ihaa3201d ago

@Hatsune-Miku Name me one mobile device thats more powerful than a wii u. Wii u has a gig of ram, its clock speeds and architecture out-competes any CPU on a mobile device (mobile device CPU's are less than 2GHz). You realize how small that is? Plus, no mobile device GPU comes even close to doing 1080P on a full 3d game (zombieU). Besides, if you say that, than the ps3 and 360 are complete and utter shit compared to mobile device specs which isn't even true. Btw, if you think 2-3 year old tech is outdated, compare it to current gen consoles. Its literally a good 3-4 times stronger and that justify's nextgen. All your seeing is ports so you can't make a comparison now, give it a year and you'll see just how much stronger the wii u is. It already surpassed ps3,360,mobile devices with 1080p.

iamnsuperman3201d ago

I agree. It really wasn't funny.

Pushagree3201d ago

Satire is clearly not his strong suit.

199935683201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Typical Nintendo fanboy "Y WE ALWAYS B DA VICTIMS?" bullshit.

PopRocks3593201d ago

Because that only ever happens with Nintendo fans. /s

Don't be so smug. Sony fanboys and Microsoft fanboys do the same thing, if not more so.

Xperia_ion3201d ago

You know they're Nintendo fans who only play Nintendo products Iwata, just saying.

geddesmond3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

This can be wrote about Nintendo fangirls as well. Ask the dude who wrote that those exact same questions except change Sony for Nintendo.

"I understand you only play games published on Nintendo consoles and as such have never enjoyed the intergalactic joy of Uncharted 2, the storytelling and Brutal action of God Of War 3 or the tender caress of a woman. Why is this?"

Well Nintendo make great games for the kids and the 35 year old man child in me loves playing games that have no blood, no violence or swear words in them and pink art directive games like Kirbys epic yarn just bring out my feminine side.

Also I have yet to feel the warm moisture between a womans thighs on the tip of my nob because I can't seem to get a woman past my Nintendo boxers, Mario Bedcovers and the Luigi wallpaper in my room.

"Evidently, she doesn’t let you play Mario Teaches Typing either. [Laughs]"

Thats because my mommy only buys me one different type of Mario game a year and considering theres about 50 different mario games out there I'll be 70 years old before I collect them all.

I love stereotyping the stereotypes out there.

Why do I play Sony games? I don't know, maybe I like ripping someones head off or bashing in their face until their blood has covered my eyes so much that I can't see ike in GOW3.

Or maybe I like sneaking up behind someone and slitting their throat or pushing my thumps through their eyes like in KZ3.

Or maybe I like playing beautiful games that tell a story brilliantly like in UC2.

Or maybe I like the variety Sony brings like how they make original superhero games like Infamous, let developers take risks with games like Heavy Rain and Beyond or how they don't just stick with 2 or 3 different genres but spread out to them all.

Xperia_ion3201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

XD If this doesn't get a bubble for being funny Idk what will. If you're going to roast do it right.

Alos883201d ago (Edited 3201d ago )

Good to see you haven't stooped to using strawmen to have one sided arguments as a means of getting hits.

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