What Bayonetta 2 Exclusivity Means to Nintendo

Jeff from Holygrenade dissects the surprising news, and how Nintendo's shiny new exclusive impacts the Wii U's first chances at success.

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dark-hollow2223d ago

Seriously so many trolls on Wii u articles lately.

if you don't care about the system then why bother commenting in the first place?

HammadTheBeast2223d ago

I can say that about every article.

Army_of_Darkness2223d ago

I might have to get a wiiu as long as they have a few more good exclusives.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

It symbolizes something good about nintendo that they are going hardcore. Bayonetta it self is not a system seller though.

What does the last of us and god of war mean for sony? same crap.

under taker 342223d ago

IT was a bad move from PlatinumGames.....but also a good move for Nintendo.

Kudos for Nintendo.

Middle finger for PlatinumGames.


this actually happened with RE back in the day. Nintendo stole RE, Sony and Microsoft stole RE5 and 6 from Nintendo. Geez, why can't they just finish these series for every console they go on?

OhMyGandhi2223d ago

Kudos for Nintendo.

Middle finger for PlatinumGames.

Index finger AND middle finger for Bayonetta :)

LX-General-Kaos2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

I am very happy to see the critically acclaimed Bayonetta franchise make its way exclusively to the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system. Day one purchase for the next iteration of this fine, and exciting franchise wherever videogames are sold. We the Nintendo Elite supporter may even witness Bayonetta enlist as a future Smash Bros character if Nintendo decides to bless us with such an honor. Things are looking more positive for the Nintendo brand name by the day.

Rated E For Everyone

WeskerChildReborned2223d ago

Yea i am too excited since i will be pre ordering my Wii U soon.

LX-General-Kaos2223d ago

That is great news. I hope you enjoy your Nintendo Wii U entertainment system just as much as past Nintendo platform offerings.

MySwordIsHeavenly2223d ago

Hopefully, more than the GameCube.

vallencer2223d ago

might wanna do it soon heard from a GS manager the delux edition may be cut off at the end of day today. Just sayin.

MySwordIsHeavenly2223d ago

I'm tired of this troll account. It was funny at first, but it's just annoying now.

LX-General-Kaos2223d ago

I see you spreading positive Nintendo news all the time as well. Your support is much appreciated.

MySwordIsHeavenly2223d ago

Lol. I spread positive Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft news. Gaming is awesome and I'd like to keep it around forever.

I still think you're insane.

avenger.avrs2223d ago

I am excited for this! I loved the first game.

firelogic2223d ago

It doesn't mean anything for the WiiU. I'm really not sure why people are thinking this is some blockbuster coup from Nintendo. Bayonetta sold less than 2 million copies on the PS360 combined with a 100 million console audience. What makes anyone think that this is the game that tips people over the edge into buying a WiiU?

3rd party games have historically done poorly on Nintendo consoles since the N64. Games like No More Heroes and Madworld did pretty poorly on the Wii. The WiiU will sell a bazillion units and it's not because it has Bayonetta 2.

GameTavern2223d ago

It won't be a system seller, and it doesn't have to be. Nintendo handles that well on their own.

What it does is deepen the line-up of games for the console. It appeals to people who wouldn't traditionally buy a Nintendo system. So while I don't think it would sell the game to many, it does start to get wandering eyes curious about games like this.

smashcrashbash2223d ago

Exactly what I have been saying to a million disagrees.People keep droning on as if it means something but it doesn't. Bayonetta didn't even sell as much as Devil May Cry did. It was multiplat and it barely sold two million copies. It's not a big deal but people are stomping their feet and flag waving and b***h as if they just won the lottery or something. If Sega hadn't tossed Bayonetta 2 aside it would never have been exclusive.All they are doing with this is lessening the amount of people that will play it.No one is going to jump to buy the Wii U for Bayonetta 2, not even the few fans it has.

aquamala2223d ago

people are excited for this game, who cares that it's not going to sell like a CoD?

Lucretia2223d ago

everyone who didnt own a ps3 or 360 (nintendo fanboys)

looks like if u want bayonetta 2 to make sense ur gonna have to go buy a ps3/360 since u missed the first one, lmao, they wont even buy the 2nd one, they just want it for bragging rights

dark-hollow2223d ago

Damned if they do, damned if they don't.

first off people cried at how they got bored from Nintendo exclusives, so Nintendo brings for the first time some major third party games to their consoles, but then people complain that they don't want "ports" that exist on other consoles.

so now Nintendo boldly fund bayonetta 2 for those who want "mature" games, but even then they complain about how they "stole" their game!!!!

No matter what Nintendo does, it can't please that kind of zealot, eltist gamers.

wishingW3L2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

well this is more like 2nd party since Nintendo are publishing it. And the hate comes from the fact that Bayonetta was a multiplatform tittle, if this were a new IP no one would be complaining.

Is this so hard to understand?

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