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Filippo Dinolfo of Gamer 2.0 writes: "In the year 2048, Mantel Global Industries is the world's largest Private Military Corporation. Their soldiers are hired out by Governments all over the world. They're reputed for being the best, most effective fighters on the planet. Part of the reason for this is a bio-medical supplement called Nova-Keto-Thyrazine, more commonly referred to as Nectar. Nectar allows Mantel soldiers to enhance their perception, toughness, or brute strength. You play the game as Shane Carpenter, a top Mantel soldier who has a life-changing run-in with the Promise Hand Rebels."

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King20084329d ago

You finish the game and we'll know everything that we need to as we play...K Thanks

I wanna say dont rush it but hurry up...Does that make sense?

picker3324329d ago

May be a dumb question but is gamer 2.0 a site?

niall774329d ago

I do not have High hopes for haze

Luca Blight4329d ago

now the game will probably turn out to be a pleasant surprise for you (if it's half decent)

Keowrath4329d ago

I did... Last year. I even started this year feeling positive about the game but I think it's constant delays are digging it's own grave.

I dunno, I'd still really like for it to be awesome but my interest in this game will only last so long and I think Free Radical are really starting to push it.

If there's any more news about a hint of a delay I say bollox! Just give us Timesplitters4 instead.

Iron Man 24329d ago

Haze won't be as good as Resistance 2 or Killzone 2 but it will be good,I can't wait,hopefully it's released later on this year 2008 and not next year 2009;)

AnthonyPerez4329d ago

It should at least be another solid title for the PS3, but we'll see when it ships in March. Hard to tell until we see the final thing, as with just about everything.

AngryHippo4329d ago

...want to see the latest build of this game to see if there is any improvements. Have to see more of it before i even think about purchasing this game.

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The story is too old to be commented.