Is the Wii U ‘Hardcore’ Enough? Simply Put, Yes.

From what we saw yesterday, it is quite apparent that the Wii U is truly a talented, multi-faceted system, capable of providing many different types of experiences. Until now we would have only known about its many options for controller inputs, be it the classic controller (which looks like a clone of the Xbox 360 controller), the Wii-mote and nunchuck, or the new GamePad. But now we also know that it will be a social entertainment hub, with clever new ways of integrating social engagement into the traditional television, movie, and gaming experiences.

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MDC312278d ago

most hardcore console out there, and im the biggest ps3 fan so i can admit this

abzdine2278d ago

i think wii u is like any other nintendo machine. There will be for everybody but they will mainly target the younger audience.
I personally have no problem with that since zeldas and marios are games for everybody and that's what i like with Nintendo: great concepts for everybody.

I'm happy with my PS3 as well but i have to admit Wii U gets me curious.

ABizzel12278d ago

I think this may very well be the best Nintendo console since the NES. The N64 had some of the greatest games of all time, the Gamecube was a solid console (even if sales were disappointing), the Wii was average at best IMO. But the Wii-U is looking to be the perfect blend of casual - core.

I will pick one up, but I'll wait until a solid library of games come out, besides a slew of multiplatform titles.

darthv722278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

the emphasis should not be on "hardcore" but more specifically "enough".

No doubt it is hardcore. Yet people will have their own variables on "enough" hardcore for them.

And honestly, this goes way back...when did hardcore change meaning from a person who plays all types of games (aka hardcore gamer) to being more about the type of game?

Seems there is a faction out their in gaming society that has changed the entire premise of the term. A casual gamer is someone who plays games at their leisure not specifically "casual" games.

Like someone who plays kilzone now and then but not all the time. Im almost 40 and I guess i have been using it wrong.

Outside_ofthe_Box2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

The term hasn't changed at all.

If you only play casual games you are a casual gamer. It doesn't matter how how time you put into the game. If you only play games occasionally(i.e. once in a blue moon) then you are a casual gamer. It doesn't matter what type of game you are playing.

If you play all types of games and do so regularly you are a hardcore gamer. If you only play hardcore games you are a hardcore gamer as long as you play them regularly.

Wii U will definitely get 3rd party support this time around. Now it's all about if Nintendo can get hardcore exclusives to attract those that aren't into/don't feel Nintendo's usual first party lineup are must have(yeah gamers like that do exist). So far Nintendo has gotten off to a good start with Bayonetta 2. I mean look at how many people are pissed off about it being exclusive lol.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

What? 90% of the game on it are on ps3.. Oh one big exclusive & nintendo land never mind. God of war, last of us & beyond will be amazing.

Not saying wiiU ain't hardcore but come on.. Get off the crack they haven't shown enough yet & it's not out.

Nevers0ft2278d ago

"God of war, last of us & beyond will be amazing."

"Get off the crack they haven't shown enough yet & it's not out."

You've gone dun bust my irony meter!

PopRocks3592278d ago

"Waaah waaah Nintendo has no multiplats on Wii!"

"Waaah waaah Nintendo has too many multiplats on Wii U!"

The first two words in your name are appropriate.

jaymart2k2278d ago

I think u ment 90% of Vita games are on PS3.

ape0072278d ago

the wiiu do look promising

ThePsychoGamer2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

While exclusives like Bayonetta 2 is a step in the right direction, we need more time to see if they truly commit to hardcore or not. I mean let's look at Microsoft, the beginning of this generation they got a lot of JRPGs, but they stopped supporting those games the genre pretty much dried up on the 360. The same thing could happen with the WiiU and Hardcore Games,

Also their failure to provide great features that will soon be a necessity for consoles like region free gaming is not a good omen.

Break the locks.

jc485732278d ago

really miss the old days when Nintendo did everything right. hope they do.

2278d ago
LX-General-Kaos2278d ago

Nintendo has absolutely garnered back the strength of their hardcore side. With the blessing of 3rd party multiplatform and exclusive support, Nintendo is on the right track for industry leading results. Nintendo Quality brand name exclusive offerings are pretty much a given at this point. When combined with the very best of 3rd party support, the outcome will likely become a heavenly mixture of possibly the greatest arsenal of titles ever on a single platform.

Everyone from the hardest of the hardcore, casuals, to the occasional gamer will all likely be taken care of on the Nintendo Wii U entertainment system. Nintendo is kicking off the next generation of gaming in an exciting way, already delivering on the promise to the consumer with many awarding experiences.

The futuristic and innovative tablet controller, next generation technical power, and the variety of AAA titles to back it up. November can't get here soon enough. The Nintendo product line has returned to the core experience.

Rated E For Everyone

ChunkyLover532278d ago

You basically covered everything I was going to say. Nicely put.

LX-General-Kaos2278d ago

Appreciated good sir, and thank you for being a believer in the Nintendo product line.

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