TV Will Be Crucial to the Future of the Wii U

Forbes - Nintendo is a gaming company. This has always been what’s set the church of Japanese gaming apart from its modern rivals – Sony is an electronics manufacturer that decided to take a swing at consoles, and Microsoft is a tech and software company that decided it may as well make the Xbox. Nintendo got its start making playing cards. Now it makes Zelda, Mario, a host of other first party franchises and hardware. It’s a gaming company.

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iamnsuperman2320d ago

I can't speak for other countries but I never got this TV thing on consoles for people from the UK. Nearly every house has Sky or Virgin (subscription based services which usually do deals with their internet) or the excellent free service freeview which comes with every TV ( also these TV come with iplayer.... on them all ready)

Ck1x2319d ago

I think many people maybe missing the point with NintendoTVii! It's not about the system just including Netflix, Hulu or Amazon streaming into the box. Its about how seemless the OS was interfacing constantly with the internet and the loaded software to provide very detailed up todate info on something that you may have just entered into the search menu. Nintendo wasn't kidding when they said that they want people to use the WiiU everyday for just about anything... If they were keeping this a secret, what other functions can this device perform that they haven't mentioned yet?