How Gearbox broke the bank for Borderlands 2

Borderlands 2 was built in a bank.

That is, the Bank of America building in Plano, Texas, just outside Dallas. And, specifically, the 12th floor of the Bank of America building in Plano, Texas, just outside Dallas.

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CrimsonessCross2228d ago

"Bank of America staff have on a couple of occasions called the police because they've seen people get in the ground floor lift carrying guns. It was Gearbox staff, of course, with weapons for research purposes. But that didn't stop SWAT teams - actual SWAT teams - knocking on the door. They stayed for a while, Adam reports with a grin. Oh, and Gearbox is banned from the building roof for messing about with fireworks that sound like gunshots."

Ahahaha! XD at work haha.

showtimefolks2227d ago

this will be my personal GOTY the only game that may take it away from me might be dishonored. Its a new IP so it could be a huge hit but it could also end up where reviews will say its a good base but sequel will improve on a lot of things

everything i have seen of it though has me real hungry to play it asap

fOrlOnhOpe572227d ago

My choice of GOTY too, even though it's not released yet. Im expecting nothing less than awesome epicness that goes off the Richter Scale of earth-shaking awesomeness! And you can take that to the bank lol

floetry1012227d ago

Great article. I was completely unaware that Gearbox had made a Dreamcast port of Half Life. It would be worth an absolute tonne if Gearbox ever went bust.