GTA V: 10 Reasons It’s So Unbelievably Hyped

WC - As they say in bad sequels; here we go again. Sometimes it amazes me that GTA V is as hyped, as anticipated as it is. I’ve penned so many articles for this site now that I can barely remember writing most of them. But when I look back at the most widely read articles in my portfolio, the same acronym pops up again and again: GTA V, GTA V, GTA V.

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QuodEratDemonstrandm2227d ago

Here we have yet another ten page article from WhatCulture. Guess I should be thankful they ignored my application.

markoghc2227d ago

Yeah, their 'Top 5 This, Top 10 That' thing has to stop.

Cpt Jack House2227d ago

I don't know, I think the hype has calmed down quite a bit after getting nothing for so long.

I'm not saying people wont go nuts when something DOES get shown though.

chukamachine2226d ago

Open world just gets boring.

HammadTheBeast2226d ago

Yeah, because linear games are just so much fun and have tons of replayability.Next you'll be saying sports games are boring after a while.

3-4-52226d ago

GTA V is going to be huge. It's one of the only games I know of that " NON-Gamers" LOVE and will go out of their way to play.

It's the game everybody can play and still have a damn good time doing absolutely nothing. And that appeals to casuals.

Half the people who played Vice City probably haven't played more than 5 since then.