The WiiU Has a Price, Release Date and a Problem

Forbes - Nintendo announced today the specifics of their anticipated WiiU release. The facts are this: A November 18th release in the US, priced at $299 for the standard model with an 8GB hard drive, $349 for one with 32GB.

This is all well and good, but in order for the WiiU to truly be a hit at launch, it needs some incredible titles available for the system right away. You’ll remember that the 3DS suffered initially after release because of a lack of exciting launch titles, and only recently has it picked up steam.

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Hicken2322d ago

... it's been my experience that Forbes' gaming articles tend to be better than those from more dedicated sites.

Unexpected, I know, but at this point, I'd take their word on gaming over, say, IGN or destructoid.

vortis2322d ago

Forbes is legit.

IGN, recently caught vote-cheating on Reddit? Why on Earth would anyone think that they're still legit?

Yeah...Forbes is legit.

tehpees32322d ago

I agree about Nintendo Land but I'm sure Nintendo will have their other games ready later. For now we have Pikmin 3 and thats really good so we aren't being starved. I do feel a 3D Mario would be better but that will come in time.

chrisarsenalsavart2322d ago

I think most gamesvare already or will be out on my ps3/360
That is why i do not see any need to buy a wiiu right now. I ll be waiting for metroid or zelda

Most core gamers who are not nintendo fans still look at the wii as a machine gathering dust under the telly.
Nintendo needs to show the kind of games you won,t get anywhere else
Bayonetta2 is a good start but they need more of that.

triplev162322d ago

Very good article with some interesting points. Getting the tablet style controller idea across to the casual market is a tough proposition. Also the line-up while okay for a launch is (IMO) lacking that must have title that's in the same category as a Metroid or Zelda. The coming months will unveil more about Nintendo's plan for the future however, and they should never be counted out. I'm also pumped because I just pre-ordered the black version today.

I love the smell of a new generation—so much to look forward to!

R_aVe_N2322d ago

I actually agree with Forbes (say what!) usually on stuff like this I really don't pay attention to forbes but wanted to see what they had to say about it. I agree about the games not the tech.

"New Super Mario Bros. U, an updated version of an updated version"

How many times are they going to update the same game when they could have spent that time making a new one? Yes, People will still buy like usual. I do like the Pokedex use for the controller though. It will be interest how many of those casuals jump on board this time around. That will tell the story of how well they system will do in the long run.

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