The WiiU Question: How Many Screens Do You Want In Your Living Room?

Forbes - My critique of the WiiU yesterday after its pricing and release date announcement sparked an interesting debate among readers. Some sided with me, saying the multi-screen aspect of the new system wasn’t going to be as revolutionary as motion controls were, and that there weren’t many launch titles to get excited about. Others saw the 50+ “launch window” titles (released within six months after the console) to be more than enough for them, and I will admit there are some attention grabbing new titles like Monster Hunter 3 and Bayonetta 2.

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DivineAssault 2225d ago

its cool having less clutter on the tv for games.. I hope devs put in their all to create great new experiences.. If its just slapped in like most ds/3ds games, its gonna be a waste.. Unless of course you have a family gathered around a single tv fighting for who gets to use it.. I have my own & dont need to share my big screen so gamepad play will do little more than just drain the battery.. BTW, wheres the accomplishments & cross game chat?? i asked like 5 times & no response.. Does it have those features??