Wii U Pro Controller pre-order sales begin

Pre-order sales for Nintendo Co.’s Wii U Pro Controller for the Wii U hardware begin at retail at under $50.

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Relientk772277d ago

I guess that price makes sense, but I really want to know the price of the Wii U Gamepad

DevilishSix2277d ago

I read some post and I don't have the link sorry. But it was around $175 equivilent US dollars based on Europe currency.

I take it for what it was, a posters comment. That is really all I saw about price.

iamnsuperman2277d ago

I read around £105 based on the currency exchange however it is more likely that will increase because for some reason it always happens to the UK

Lucretia2277d ago

it should be included in the console. but i guess not. should have the option to chose this or the tablet. because the tablet isnt needed for any game since u arent allowed to buy one seperately yet.

herbs2277d ago

Does the pro controller and gamepad have rumble? I will be disappointed if they don't.

TheCagyDies2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

The website I linked below says that the Pro Controller has rumble.

and a quick google search and IGN confirms rumble for the Wii U Gamepad

LOL, you found out about it and posted your comment around the same time I posted my comment, guess I wasn't quick enough.

NukaCola2277d ago

So the Wii U comes with the tablet controller. But this is separate. Can anyone tell me if the Classic gamepad can still be used? As far as I know, the Wiimotion+ works with the WiiU right? I'm playing this smart, because it seems like this could get expensive.

Raider692277d ago

uk bundle at game

Black 32GB Nintendo Wii U Console and AC Adapter
Black 32GB Nintendo Wii Game Pad and AC Adapter
Sensor Bar
A copy of NintendoLand
A copy of ZombiU
A Black Pro Controller
HDMI Cable
Nintendo Premium

DivineAssault 2277d ago

Thats not fair lol.. US gets Ninny Land? smh i guess they know that only E rated games sell out here

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