GameEnthus Podcast ep110: Liquid Opinions or Mark Me Down

Topics: Wii U, iPhone 5, Steam Big Picture, Resident Evil 5, Happy Tree Friends, Paranorman, Baltimore Comic Con, Orioles, Mass Effect 3, Die Hard Arcade, Mark of the Ninja, Kung Fu Strike, Zen Pinball 2 (Plants vs Zombies), Red Johnson’s Chronicles, Double Dragon Neon, Metal Gear Solid, Christoper Titus, We Nerd Hard, Blue, Ouya, Dreamcast, Man of Steel, Christopher Nolan, Virtual Boy, Rocket Riot, Halo 4, Power Girl, Bioshock 2 multiplayer, New Super Mario Bros. 2, Happy Wars beta, Indie Uprising 3, qrth-phyl, Sententia, Diehard Dungeon, Gateways and more.

Guests: Tatiana King(@TatianaKing) from We Nerd Hard & John(@ihungPhat)

GE Hosts: @BigRob029, @Tiny415, Mike(@AssaultSuit) & Aaron(@Ind1fference)

If you like the show please leave us an itunes/Zune review, a tweet, an email or a voicemail (202-573-7686).

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