Bayonetta 2 Teaser Trailer Analysis and Speculation

DualShockers writes: "Back in 2010, Bayonetta released to the utter delight of critics and action game fans around the world. The game’s over the top titular character, rich, refined combat and glittering fantasy environments and enemies made it an instant classic. Since its release, fans have been begging for developer Platinum Games to work its magic and whip up a sequel. Nintendo recently made the overwhelming announcement that Bayonetta 2 is actually happening – and it will be a Wii U exclusive.

Obviously, this is fantastic news for fans. The years of waiting, praying and clutching at tiny, insignificant rumors are finally over. A sequel to Bayonetta has finally been announced. Unfortunately, the news of its Wii U exclusivity isn’t as amazing. The original Bayonetta was only made available for the PS3 and Xbox 360. It was never even released for the Wii, which makes this news even more interesting."

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Qrphe2228d ago

I like the change to blue! I really do.

fossilfern2228d ago

Words cannot describe how much I am looking forward to Bayonetta 2

Sonyslave32227d ago

Just give her a normal size neck plz