Nvidia GeForce 306.23 WHQL Released - Improvements, TXAA Enabled on GTX 600 series, New SLI profiles

DSOGaming writes: "Nvidia has released a new set of WHQL drivers for its graphics cards. The new NVIDIA GeForce 306.23 WHQL drivers are now available to download. An essential upgrade for every GeForce GTX user, the GeForce 306.23 WHQL drivers enable high-quality TXAA anti-aliasing on GTX 600 Series GPUs, improve game performance by up to 17% on all GeForce 400, 500, and 600 Series GPUs, enhance seven top titles with NVIDIA Control Panel MSAA and Ambient Occlusion profiles, improve the overall user experience for all GPU users."

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FanboyPunisher2317d ago

Lmao AMD never have never will make good drivers.
Tons of issues with AMD.

iamgoatman2317d ago

Been using AMD drivers for a couple of years now and only had the odd problem. Their biggest issue is getting Crossfire profiles out promptly, but otherwise saying they never have or never will make good drivers is just ignorant and false.

Can say one thing though, never had any AMD drivers nearly fry my card, unlike those infamous Nvidia drivers I almost lost my trusty 8800GT to.

kharma452317d ago

Another one of those myths that's still perpetuated around.

Since the AMD takeover drivers have improved hugely, and since they've moved away from a month release cycle the quality has again risen.

AMD aren't the only ones who have driver issues, Nvidia has had their fair share too but since AMD had the bad name first it's stuck with them. At least AMD don't delete posts and threads from their forums about driver issues.

FanboyPunisher2317d ago (Edited 2317d ago )

Its not a myth, i'm a power user and had tons and tons of dual screen issues. I have said this from personal experience, i've given AMD attempt after attempt and I always come across issues.

They basically push me to Nivdia where i've never had an issue.

I've owned tons of AMD cards to prove it.
ve 7000
X800 XT

I've been buying AMD any time I see a good benchmark, but they always drop the f'n ball on their drivers.

Not a myth, so stop your damage control.
I'm a IT tech and programmer and this shit is real. I've had to do many workarounds with issues they have brought up time and time again.

Not like i'm the only one anyway, google it.

iamgoatman2317d ago

So you ALWAYS have issues with AMD drivers but NEVER had one with Nvidia drivers? Yeah, I don't believe that for a second.

JsonHenry2317d ago

I was using an AMD 5870 for almost 3 years. Never had any trouble. Now I am running a 680GTX and not having any trouble either.

hiredhelp2317d ago

Funny how theres articles about new Nvidia Drivers but never about AMD.
As of this nonsens of AMD drivers are worse well thats not actually true, at least not this gen.
I started off a huge fan of the green team for years didnt take to ati as they where named back not soo long ago.
But my mate said i got a card for sale na ati rubbish back then Ati wernt as good but he was selling me a card years on 4870HD not that old so i sold my old 8800gt and i was supprised at how much they changed.
I kept that card till last year never had driver issue.... But then the gtx8800 never had issue eaither. But last year i spent about £800 building another Rig for myself
Only this time i wanted to go back to green team its been while since 8800gtx.
Great orderd 2 kfa2 560's my first SLi and got my other mate into pc gaming went well for few weeks then i got "display has recoverd". Wtf. Hmmm ok carryed on relaunched game well after updating several times sending cards back getting new 2months past i was left embarrest as my mate i just got into pc gaming had same setup as me and card and same issues.
Every day i hit the fourums all saw was people screaming with TDR issues.
January i bought a refrence design 7970 my m8 followed month after my other mate stuck his 6950 even after 4 updates not once have i had TDR.
Except if i overclock push card too hard lol but... The morral of this pointless dribble is if anyone has got worse over the years dropped the ball its nvidia not AMD. Will i go back ....... NO Not as long as they keep using same drivers developed cheaply by same people who handled the 500series witch now does drivers for 600series BTW fourums filled complaints with 600series funny that.

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PiccoloGR2317d ago

Nice, updating right now

john22317d ago

Curious to see what SLI bits Nvidia used for Sleeping Dogs this time around

jetpacksheep2317d ago

Thanks for the heads up, getting mine right now, although the improvements don't sound as great for the 500 series as they do the 600 series.

urwifeminder2317d ago

Its nvidia who cares ? lol<s

ninjahunter2317d ago

Have trouble with hardware not coming up, call dell for support, they install their driver, performance drops 30%.

Nvidia sure knows how to make drivers better and better every day.

hellvaguy2316d ago

Who buys Dell? THey prolly have some software issue or Dell spamware. Nvidia is second to none in driver support. Sometimes amd does decent with some cards, other cards not so much.

ninjahunter2316d ago

Lol, I see. I buy alienware, but your two bubbles tell me you dont have the comprehension for why.

hellvaguy2316d ago

Alienware is ridiculously overpriced, fact. Also ASUS gaming laptops are far superior and cheaper.

As they say, a fool and his money soon part ways.

ninjahunter2315d ago

Alienware is not rediculously overpriced, Its a stretch to say they even cost over 10% more than their competition. And Alienware has more than a few advantages over other companies.
-Alienware has unmatched support. Your laptop breaks down for a reason that isnt your fault, It will either be fixed, replaced, or you will be sent replacement parts in days.
-The Build quality is top notch, right now, I could take my laptop, hold it over my head and drop it onto a hardwood floor and I would bet you money it still works.
-The cooling systems in Alienware laptops are top notch. Built with overclocking and High power equipment in mind, then some more.
-Swag appeal, Lets face it, you can actually get away with bragging about an alienware laptop which doest look like an over sized netbook.
-FEATURES- You name it, an alienware laptop probably has two of it.