NHL 13 Review | Saving Content

Excerpt: "The graphics this year have improved quite a bit. Lighting has been revamped, and this makes the Winter Classic look absolutely gorgeous, and players’ faces look a lot more realistic now. A True Broadcast camera has also been added which strikingly looks like you’re watching a game on TV, although playing from this angle is a little difficult. It’d be nice to watch a game this way, but unfortunately there still is no way to spectate games that your friends are playing online.

NHL 13 is fantastic and is by far the biggest step this series has taken since NHL 09. If you’re wondering whether this is the year to get an NHL game, it is. However, there are just some small issues in the new features and improvements to the game on the ice and GM Connected, and players manage to control the puck too well. These reasons keep it from being a perfect game."

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