Preview: Hands On Worms Revolution (XLC Gaming Network)

XLC Gaming Network Writes: If there is one series that I know all the staff and gamers of the XLC Gaming Network community love, it has to be the Worms’s series from the awesome guys at Team17. Not only do we love the series but we are also known to have the best Worms league in the galaxy!!! While it burled underground for a while, our league will be coming back to start a new revolution (see what I did there) with Team17’s up and coming Worms Revolution. I can also bring you our hands on preview of the latest worm warfare battler thanks to our friends at Team17 allowing us time with a preview build. Believe me when I say, that those pink crazy invertebrates that love glorified worm warfare, have not only reinvented the series but truly have started a new revolution!!!

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