Black Ops: Declassified, Zombie mode sneak peek?

Could this be? A tiny teaser of Zombies Mode on the PS Vita’s Black Ops: Declassified?

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SandWitch2322d ago

The picture itself looks legit, but the source... Not really

MattyG2322d ago

I don't know... it looks pretty real, but this info got passed through what, like three different Average Joe youtubers before it finally hit this website? That doesn't help it's credibility.

ZoyosJD2322d ago

It could easily be a screenshot or video from BLOPS 1 in fullscreen on the Vita.

Corner of screen where a site logo might be is cut off.

I'd say fake pic, but plausible senario.

mafiahajeri2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

Arent grenades supposed to show up like R BS? DONT SEE THAT. Im calling it being fake but I think there will be zombies in the game but that wont stop it from being rubbish

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