Torchlight 2: 6 Reasons To Be Excited

WC writes: Torchlight was what you might call a “cult hit”. It had a small but dedicated group of followers who were “in the know”. The game was quietly developed by many former core team members from Blizzard’s massively popular Diablo 2. The game was released to limited fanfare and was dismissed as a knock-off due to its stylized artistic flavor and low price of $20 US. Word began to spread, and reviews began to crop up, touting it as the “real” sequel to Diablo 2. It’s popularity swelled even further when the actual Diablo 3 released, and was met with critical acclaim, but was lambasted by the fans.

With Torchlight 2 on the very near horizon, is it the salvation ARPG gamers are waiting for? Here are 6 reasons why it might be.

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