Can the Wii U repeat the Success of the Wii?

Does the WiiU stand any chance of replicating the massive success of the original Nintendo Wii console?

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ThePsychoGamer2223d ago

Let's look at the two things that lead to the Wiis success.

Large appeal to the casual market do to the motion control fad, and by far being the cheapest console available at the time.

They may get some mileage of the tablet fad (which is what they are trying to do), but they won't have the advantage of starting it. Price wise, (If I remember right) The Wii was 300 dollars cheaper than the second cheapest console this gen. Yea I doubt the WiiU will have the same advantage.

So no.

Abash2222d ago

Only if all the consumers who tried out video games with the Wii return for the Wii U. Tablets and smartphone gaming seems what those casual gamers moved onto

decrypt2222d ago

No thanks ill be waiting for dolphin emulator 2.0 lol.

T9002222d ago

Console gaming is dying, so no i dont think any of the next gen consoles will sell that much.

Phil322222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Ah, the word "fad". Is that the new term like "gimmick", "kiddy", and "casual" to insult Nintendo now? I can't really keep up with your ilk any more.

You guys are so bitter it is delicious. :3

You make the Nintendo fanboys look normal.

Hicken2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

Is it bitter to point out the truth? Fact is: the Wii rode high on the casual wave.

The system's accessibility and unique approach to gaming(the motion controls, which you could call a gimmick; if it fades into being just a supplement this upcoming generation, then it will have been a fad) drew in the casual crowd in a way I doubt even Nintendo imagined.

It's not like anyone's denying the Wii's success. But let's not be blind to WHY it was successful.

On topic, I don't think the Wii U will see the same success. I don't think any of the systems next gen will.

Phil322222d ago

To post a comment that isn't making fun of an anti-Nintendo position (sorry, but the Bayonetta 2 incident made many in the anti-Wii U camp lose credibility and respect 100%):

It's important to note though that motion control was not the sole reason for its success. It's an important piece, but the Wii also had the software to appeal to a lot of people. The Wii line, Mario and Nintendo's other franchises, Just Dance, Guitar Hero, Rock Band, etc.

Personally I'm glad Wii remotes will still be used in various Wii U titles. I enjoyed many FPS games I wouldn't have otherwise because of the Wii remote's aiming. It was novel and felt great. I look forward to trying out Black Ops 2 with both control styles (GamePad and remote).

Anyway, the Wii U will not reach the Wii's echelon of sales. It's just not happening. I think it's not because of any fad argument, but it's because the battle for consumers' gaming free time is being waged now not only by consoles but by smartphones and dedicated tablets, too. I don't think consoles like the Wii U, next Xbox, and PS4 will come close to the Wii's sales.

BrutallyBlunt2222d ago

Nintendo will always enjoy some form of success because they still have a strong brand with many consumers. They also hold key franchises. Will it walk away from the competition like the Wii did? I doubt it. Now that all companies have gone or are going into the direction of motion gaming, touch controls and multiple screens it will be difficult for Nintendo to be unique this time. New hardware from both Sony and Microsoft is just around the corner too and i imagine many are in my position, that is to wait and see. I am not going to be buying a Wii U right away. In fact it's probably best not to buy a new next generation XBOX or a PS4 right away either. Not with all the issues of hardware reliablity and the lull of new software.

iamnsuperman2222d ago

The problem with the tablet fad is consumer would rather just buy a tablet than something that is sort of a tablet but limited in tablet features. I honestly do not expect the Wii U to do as well as the Wii as the market has changed dramatically.

Muffins12232223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

I dont think it will fail but i dont think it will be as successful as the wii due to the wii focusing at the massive audience of media core gamers(House wifes and little kids)Though, there's a certain percent of hardcore wii gamers, there's not as much as there are for xbox and ps3,and i dont think those gamers will buy this because it is already looking like it will be outdated by next gen.....

omarzy2222d ago

No, it will not be able to, and neither will any other console ever again besides some sort of genius handheld.

AlucardFury2222d ago

Hopefully no so like that there's less shovelware

V0LT2222d ago

Sadly all consoles get shovelware...

AlucardFury2222d ago

No doubt friend but on Wii, its overwhelming.

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