FIFA 13 vs PES 2013: 4 Reasons Why PES 2013 Will Win The War

WC writes: Whilst it has been a number of years since Pro Evo has outshone FIFA in all aspects except an official licence, and (cough) sales, the arrivals of the demos this year have made me question myself once again. Do I go with FIFA, with which I have spent so much time these last three to four years? Or do I go with Pro Evo, my old friend who appears to be on the road to recovery after his stint in rehab?

Put those knives down, but I think I’m going home to Konami.

And here follows my 4 reasons why PES 2013 will be better than FIFA 13.

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Pintheshadows2322d ago

Stop living in the past. The last truly excellent PES was 5. There hasn't been a decent PES game this whole generation. Considering what it is up against this one doesn't stand a chance either.

3-4-52322d ago

PES is catching up much so that there won't be a big difference between the 2 and PES will definitely do some things better than Fifa.

They offer way better team customization, which to me is huge.

I'm still getting Fifa 13 day one and not getting PES until 2013 though...

This won't be like PES 8 or 9...this is the real deal.

GrahamGolden2322d ago

and u stop dreaming and wake up

u think because fifa has all the license it auto make it the best football game ?

PES lacked 2-3 years indeed but this year is in every single possible way better than fifa13 so suck it up and deal with it.

nothing remains on top forever...NOTHING live with that,kkthxbb

itani2322d ago

Ultimate Team is only in FIFA and that's all I play lol.

3-4-52322d ago

Your missing out. Franchise/manager mode is awesome.

Be a play mode is awesome.

I actually never play ultimate team, it just doesn't do it for me.

The best part about Fifa is we get to both enjoy the same game in very different ways.

listenkids2322d ago

PES Won't win, purely because of sales. Fifa is too well established at this point, regardless of bad AI, bad physics, retarded moments throughout.

But, it's always had official teams, "Man Red" was never a turn on.

farhsa20082322d ago

When will you guys realise it's about the gameplay. Pes is back

NYC_Gamer2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

It lacks real clubs and players.EA bought up all the important features and made Fifa the must have game for football fans.

JAM_brz2322d ago (Edited 2322d ago )

Did you ever hear about the "edit" option?

If you buy a game just for licenced teams, I feel sorry for you!

And what features EA bought besides First Touch Control? I´d love to hear about that.

iceman062322d ago

I don't know about features because, aside from Ultimate Team, they seem to be just about on par with one another for them. However, the lack of real clubs can hurt...unless you search the mod community and see that clubs, players, and kits are currently being prepared for launch day. It's really not difficult to download the file and sub it in for the pre-existing file. They already had some 20+ teams unlocked on the first demo alone.

Hanilugtehul2322d ago

yeah the finaldemo was great:-) im back in the pes camp,and ive been buying fifa the last 4 years, but this year pes is much better imo:-) Peace:-)

JAM_brz2322d ago

Unfortunely, gamers tend to be a fan boy of some game. Few people know how to balance their comments and base their arguments. "I like FIFA, so FIFA its the best." Its sad.

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The story is too old to be commented.