Wii U: no more bundles in north america, no av cable included

According to JeuxOnline.ca, no ZombiU bundle in north america and no av cable included, more in the website ...

Red954329d ago

Who cares if it doesn't have an AV cable? If you don't have a TV with a HDMI input, then you need to catch up, it's the 21st century.

ronin4life4329d ago

I'm guessing it is compatible with the Wii av cables.

Could be wrong though.

KonaBro4329d ago

What a ridiculous comment. A majority of America still has SDTVs and need an AV cable straight from the box. Watch how many people freak out about having to go and buy another cable for their tv. I'm guessing you wouldn't see it that way though.

jc485734329d ago

really? I'm so poor and I have been owning an HD tv for quite some time.

LOGICWINS4329d ago

If in 2012 you STILL can't afford an HDTV...then paying $350 for a gaming console is probably too bitter of a pill to swallow anyways.

Baka-akaB4329d ago

It's time sdtv owners stop dragging everyone back . There is the wii for the them , everything else looks like crap for them .

BaconBits4329d ago

I have so many wasted AV cables because usually everything comes with basic cables and I have had HDTVs with HDMI for along time. I am glad for once they are not just pandering to the SD crowd.

dark-hollow4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )

At least its better than leaving out the hdmi cable and including an AV one instead like other supposed "HD" consoles.....

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DarthJay4329d ago

Because some people like to record gameplay.

ASTAROTH4329d ago

Ohh the irony.... LOL!!

"Who cares if it doesn't have an AV cable? If you don't have a TV with a HDMI input, then you need to catch up, it's the 21st century."

Thats exactly what Nintendo have done... LOL They have catch up with the current gen of consoles... LOL...

Ohh well... to much hype I guess...

manman64328d ago

Just to let you know everybody is not made of money and don't have the money to have HD in every room.

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AO1JMM4329d ago

No official Nintendo bundles but Walmart has there own "customers choice" bundle going on still.

AWBrawler4329d ago

I have an HDtv and i still have my Wii AV cables, so why is this a big deal. there's over 90 million wii AVs already in homes.

bahabeast4329d ago

im in bahamas where a 19inch hdtv is $300 and i gat a 32 inch soo if your in america and gaming on ps360 thier is no excuse not to have a hdtv.

pixelsword4329d ago

Hey, poor is poor; the country doesn't matter. Some people who could afford a PS3/360 at one time may be in a situation where they could not afford a HDTV later.

V0LT4329d ago

If you BUY a $350 console you should already have an HDTV to begin with.

live2play4329d ago

i agree 100%

but i guess people need to hate on something the wiiu has

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Rebel_Scum2d ago

Its missing the triangle label. Its not a complete game!