Lost Planet PS3: pictures and a demo

French gaming site JeuxFrance is reporting that the multiplayer demo of Lost Planet will be available tomorrow on the Japanese PSN.

They have some new screens too.

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Rikitatsu4322d ago

Its good thing its a multi-player demo though

Bazookajoe_834322d ago

But i havent tried the multiplayer, so it´s gonna be cool =) I wonder what the game will cost...

Daver4322d ago

i think they said its going to be 39.99$

Bazookajoe_834322d ago

But if it´s to expensive here i could always import it..

King20084322d ago

Still interested in this title? My roommate has it on 360 and i couldn't get into it...maybe i'll give it another go eventually. I think this game missed its window of opportunity a long time ago.

akaFullMetal4322d ago

i agree, it wasnt a must for 360 fans, and i dont think this will be too on the ps3, dead rising on the other hand i think alot of ps3 fans would of liked.

TheWickedOne4321d ago

I've tried it on 360 and while I thought the graphics were good, I didn't like the gameplay. I won't be adding this to my collection.

DARK WITNESS4322d ago (Edited 4322d ago )

it is a fun game through.....if you are looking for a real hard core game, try this on hard.

One of the hardest games i have ever played. i would say its up there with NG when it is on hard.

LastDance4322d ago

Hmm i dont think i will Play a xbox360 rehash. what an average waste of time.

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