Hating On Platinum Games Over Bayonetta 2′s WiiU Exclusivity? You’re An Idiot

With some fans taking heated aim at developer Platinum Games over the news that Bayonetta 2 will be released exclusively for the WiiU, Mark Butler argues that such hateful attacks are not just ludicrous generally – but completely nonsensical in this case.

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wishingW3L2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

I'm sorry for being an idiot but I can't help it. =(

Winter47th2223d ago

You're an idiot too for hating on the idiots aaawwwWWWWWW*headexplode*

gaffyh2223d ago

It will be timed exclusive guys, don't worry about it too much.

Kingdom Come2223d ago

Nintendo are publishing the game...

darthv722223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

I didnt hate on konami for MGS4 being exclusive to PS3. I ended up getting a PS3 and the game and love it. Im getting a wii-u regardless of this game.

Its not the first time a game has been canceled and bumped up to the next platform. I think soul calibur was such a game in development for PS1 but then it got bumped up to the DC as a launch title.

dont recall people being up in arms over that.

ABizzel12223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

First off Bayonetta didn't sale 1 million units on PS360 combined, it sold nearly 1 million units on each console (PS3 a bit more, 360 a bit less). The Game released in Japan in October 2009 and Worldwide January 2010, and by February 2010 the game had already sold over 1,000,000 units. More than two years later and the game should have pushed closer to the 2 million mark (currently sits a 1.88M on vgchartz).

That being said those people have every right to be upset, but as you said at the fact of it being exclusive to the Wii U, not at Platinum (MS nor Sony stepped in unless they weren't given a chance), or Nintendo who saved a great game.

Sending death threats to the developer does nothing to help your cause, and it's just plain ignorant. They have the right to be upset, angry, and even pissed, but sending death threats is taking it to far.

guitarded772223d ago

After the initial shock of finding out Bayonetta 2 is exclusive to Wii U and being published by Nintendo, I found it really funny. Bayonetta fans have been waiting for an announcement of Bayonetta 2, then it happens, and it's exclusive to a new console. I don't remember that ever happening before, I just thought it was funny as hell. I don't see Bayonetta 2 as a system seller, but if Nintendo gets enough Bayonetta 2 type exclusives, they could culminate into selling some systems. I pre-orered my Wii U because of Nintendo exclusives like Zelda and Metroid, but I won't be upset with more Bayonettas and other similar exclusives.

Information Minister2223d ago


Nintendo is also publishing Ninja Gaiden 3. Does that mean the FBI will raid my house and take my PS3 copy of the game?

Mass Effect was published by Microsoft on the Xbox and EA on the PC.

I would not be surprised at all to see an "extended" version of Bayonetta releasing with the next gen Xbox and Playstation.

PS: I still think the game is overrated.

mewhy322223d ago

this is just stupid. we don't hate on sony or microsoft for having exclusive games. get over it.

Septic2223d ago

People are hating on the Wii U exclusivity even though it was Nintendo that basically rescued the franchise?

I don't get it....would people prefer that the game never came out at all as opposed to being released albeit exclusive to a console?

Some people need to stop and think before spilling their corn flakes.

Army_of_Darkness2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Funny how bayonetta is suddenly getting attention.
It's like people just want to find stupid reasons to hate on Nintendo!? I don't like them, but come on!! You haters are just being stupid now.
It's an exclusive, so if you like the first game, it only means that you should buy a wiiu. End of story.

SilentNegotiator2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

"well...I didnt hate on konami for MGS4 being exclusive to PS3"

Considering MGS had favored the Playstation systems for the last THREE generations, that doesn't exactly compare well to this situation. There was no blind-siding with MGS4.

Kamikaze1352223d ago

@Kingdom Come

And Microsoft published Ninja Gaiden 2. It still ended up on the PS3 with more content.

Aceman182223d ago

nah i don't hate on nintendo for saving this franchise good for them.

personally i hated the game when i played it on 360 to me its extremely overrated with the worst story, characters, battle music. the combat although good was just a button masher imo.

this being exclusive to wii u wouldn't make me spend 350 just for this one game. i plan on buying the system 6mths to a year from launch when i see a good amount of games i want to play. not just ports of old games i already beat.

Hisiru2222d ago (Edited 2222d ago )

This time nintendo is INVESTING MONEY in the production of the game. I am sorry to say you that but the game was announced as an exclusive, the team already confirmed Nintendo will help them make the franchise even better.

You won't see this game on another platform, it's a deep collaboration between Nintendo and Platinum Games. Deal with it and stop making excuses.

It's funny that people is always saying "I have no reason to buy a WiiU" and when they get more reasons they give more excuses.

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Persistantthug2223d ago

Bayonetta has a lots of asses flopping around gratuitously on screen, and I don't believe for a second that Nintendo is going to be able to handle this on their KID & FAMILIY friendly console(s).

I mean, Nintendo couldn't even handle THE BINDING OF ISAAC.

I hate censorship, and this has always been Nintendo's M.O.
For this reason, Bayonetta does not belong on the Wii U.

STK0262223d ago

No more heroes, MadWorld and House of the Dead Overkill were violent games on the Wii and Nintendo did not try to censor them in any way.

You say Nintendo has been censoring games forever, yet, I can't remember them censoring a game. Even BMX XXX was released uncensored on the Gamecube while it was censored on the PS2.

NatureOfLogic2223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

ZombiU? will be one of the most brutal games when it comes out. Do some research then tell me that Nintendo won't make these type of games.

Persistantthug2223d ago

Do you believe Nintendo is going to try to cover her more up?

I think they will.

STK0262223d ago

Maybe they will censor nudity, but I think it's too soon to assume they will. Like I said, they did allow an uncensored version of BMX XXX on the gamecube while Sony asked Acclaim to censor it on the PS2. Of course, that was years ago, have standards changed at Nintendo? Maybe, but I for one have yet to see it.

If you look at the Wii, I don't think Nintendo went to developers and publishers and told them how to develop their games; the publishers simply assumed that kid-friendly was more fitted and went with it. When I think of Nintendo, I think of a console maker who makes a console for everyone. The games developed at Nintendo and it's 2nd party studios range from family-friendly to hardcore games. It's mostly the third party publishers who have gone out of their way to make sure the Wii, and even the DS/3DS look like theyw ere made only for kids.

na-no-nai2223d ago

If that the case, what about NG3 and Nintendo publishing it? Suppose to have blood and dismemberment, and that was no where to be seen on the ps3/360 version

oricon2223d ago

Have you not seen the exclusive Ayane mission in Ninja gaiden for the wii-u that nintendo is publishing and Nintendo are not censoring anything of it.

Your comparing Nintendo in the early 90s when seeing a woman get hit in medias such as games and cartoons as a really bad thing.

Ben_Grimm2223d ago


Nudity? Bayonetta had nudity? I really don't remember that game having nudity in it. It's not like she was walking around fully exposed with t*ts and b**h hanging out. She was always covered by her hair.

Besides if Nintendo can let House of the Dead have a character that gleefully walks into his own monsterous mother's vagina then I'm sure they can allow for some nipple shots.

ninjabake2223d ago

Nintendo is also publishing Ninja Gaiden 3 and it will be the most violent version of the game...on a Nintendo console(that only does kid and family friendly games, right?) Published by Nintendo no less LOL

Just because you want to follow a stigma that YOU want to believe, doesn't mean that is truly the case. Bayonetta is a solid game that is right where it belongs

PopRocks3592223d ago

Ninja Gaiden III on Wii U put BACK dismemberment when the 360/PS3 versions don't.

dredgewalker2223d ago

Lol I remember House of the Dead Overkill and I'm surprised by the amount of swearing in that game that I forbid my daughter from ever playing it. So I'm not gonna be surprised of Nintendo doesn't censor Bayonetta 2. It seems that Nintendo wants to expand their range of consumers.

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nintendojunkie282223d ago

Yeah, many games published by Nintendo have you been playing on your PS3/360 lately?

Thatguy-3102223d ago

It's exclusive. Nintendo is publishing the game. So we're all screwed if we dont pick up the game. I'm just going to wait and see how much the IP will suffef from this stupid move.

STK0262223d ago

The IP can't "suffer" more than it already has. SEGA decided not to publish a Bayonetta 2. Nintendo decided to pick it up. Don't want to buy a Wii-U? Fine, don't, but don't come here saying we would've had a Bayonetta 3 had it not been for Nintendo. Without Nintendo, not only would there not be a Bayonetta 3, you wouldn't even have a 2.

ritsuka6662223d ago

What's funny is now all of the fans are hating on Bayonetta now. It's hilarious, they're fucking pathetic fanboys.

Flavor2222d ago

People get pissed off when a game everybody wants is shackled to the one console nobody wants.

geddesmond2223d ago

The only people that think this deal is alright are the Nintendo fans. What some people don't get is if they want to continue playing a franchise they love then they are forced to buy a consol they don't want!!!

Imagine Nintendo sold the rights to Mario and Sony bought those rights and future Mario games were on the PS3, how many Nintendo fans that love Mario would be angry at a move like that especially since most Nintendo fanboys hate Sony.

I personally don't give a crap about Bayonetta. I bought it for the PS3, lived through the horrible loading times everytime you picked up an item and barely finished the game. Its too girly for my liking but people need to use logic here.

Also the statement Platinum games released about this is hilarious. The way they make it sound is they are expecting the Wii U to sell like the Wii lol. One of the reasons the Wii sold so much was because of the cheap price but Wii U doesn't have that going for them lol.

Yeah to make the game available to more people they ditch 2 consols that have over 100 mil sold between them in favour for a consol that will have 10 mil units sold first year at most lol. I love the stupid marketing people these publishers higher these days lol.

princejb1342222d ago

im not worried but sega should be
do they expect to see huge sales on a new console
and if history does repeat itself, most likely its gonna sell low because the title doesnt have mario in it

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NYC_Gamer2223d ago

It's not their fault that Sega decided to scrap the project

dark-hollow2223d ago

Seriously! It's either exclusive to the Wii u or not exist at all!

victoryscreeeeeech2223d ago

So am i the only one that realizes that before they announced the game, everybody was talking about how the Wiiu aint got no good game or games that interest them. Now that there is a game that clearly people want to play, they say FUCK IT BRING IT TO MY CONSOLE OR ELSE. SEGA cancelled the game and nintendo bought it, if u guys really have a problem u should have let your favorite publisher, or even SEGA to bring back the game, is it Nintendo's fault that the see this game and is FUNDING IT. Now would the same arguments be hapening if SONY bought the exclusive right to the game. Not on N4G. Sorry for grammar, leave replys if one disagrees

geddesmond2223d ago

Lol that ain't my reason for not wanting a Wii U. My reason is I don't want to waste good money on a consol that will be left behind when PS4 and Xbox 720 release with double the power lol. Sega announced they canceled the game after all the hate as an excuse, don't be so naive, Bayonnetta 2 development has been hinted at a few years now lol.

Mad_Mack2223d ago

Jesus it wasnt even that good a game...

PygmelionHunter2223d ago

That subject is completely tied to opinions, besides, even if it wasn't a good game, that doesn't mean the next one will be just as bad or worse.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr32223d ago

Depends on what console you played it on.

ChickeyCantor2223d ago

This game was delish. Don't care for how cheesy the story was. The combat feels so good. I NEED THIS.

AWBrawler2223d ago

I knew it! I saw it coming1 They playing the "it wasn't that good" Card. predictable fanboys.

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yewles12223d ago

"Hating On Platinum Games Over Bayonetta 2′s WiiU Exclusivity? You’re An Idiot"

You're just mad that the reception hasn't been unanimous approval. It's your fault for not seeing this coming.

shodan742223d ago

People don't have to be happy that it's a WiiU exclusive. But raging at Platinum Games makes no sense. SEGA cancelled the project - and this was probably the only realistic way to salvage it.

yewles12223d ago (Edited 2223d ago )

Not my point, it's the hypocritical 'ping pong'ing of anger by people over circumstances that are constantly done over and over. Getting mad at others getting mad has always been fruitless.

Timmer2223d ago

There's a difference between hating on a developer for a move like this, and sending retarded death threats to the company on Twitter.

I still lol at the "I'M GOING TO KICK A DOLPHIN IN THE VAGINA" tweet.

Carl_Shocker2223d ago

How are people actually surprized that people are mad...I mean really. Yes some people might be a little immature about it but can you really blame them if they liked the game so much

People keep saying "Oh it wouldn't exsist without Nintendo" yeah well Bayonetta as a franchise wouldn't of exsisted with the 360/PS3 fanbase

It just bugs me that the majority of Nintendo console only users most likely didn't give a crap about Bayonetta, dismissed it like so many other third party titles because it never came to the Wii but now because the sequel is an exclusive it's like "YAY...AMAZING FRANCHISE, SO EXCITED"....

I mean it's like if Square Enix made Kingdom Hearts 3 a Wii U exclusive...would that be fair when the fanbase is the PS3 majority and they are the ones that got it where it is today.

For me it's not about what console it's on...I'll buy a Wii U in the far future and will play it eventually but it's just a slap to the face to the real Bayonetta fans, the ones who actually played and finished the first game.

chadboban2223d ago

Sorry but PS2,DS,3DS and PSP got Kingdom Hearts to where it is today. There hasn't been a single one for PS3 as yet.

And to the "real Bayonetta fans". This game wouldn't even be coming out if Nintendo didn't save it. I'd rather Bayonetta 2 on Wii U than no Bayonetta 2 at all.

Still, fanboys will be fanboys.

stragomccloud2223d ago

Actually, I think you'll find that most Nintendo gamers are pretty well rounded. Fanboys exist, yes. However, it is somewhat of a rarity compared to the other consoles. I love Nintendo, but of course I also own an xbox 360 and a PS3. The first Bayonetta was awesome, I have it for the 360, and now that the new one is coming out on the Wii U, which I've just pre ordered, I'm really happy about that. I think that my point is, that people need to follow the games, not the systems. If a game a lot of people like or will probably like go to a system, they should try to also invest in that system. I know that that sometimes seems like a lot to ask. However, we have an expensive hobby, and it comes with the territory.

That said. I don't think I need to convince you, and for the record I agree with you. It does kind of seem, like a slap in the face to the fans. Though, at least it's not as bad as when Squaresoft jumped ship to Sony. That was insane!!!

r212223d ago

If SE ever made KH3 and made it a freaking wii u exclusive, I'd probably go to SE and start slapping each employee. If it ever should be a console exclusive, it must be on PS. I mean KH started on the PS2 anyways so it should end(?) on a PS product. That or it goes multiplatform to every console available.

Argos842223d ago

Like how Final Fantasy started on a Nintendo product, and ended on a Nintendo product?

AWBrawler2223d ago

Disney + Nintendo goes together like Peanut Butter and jelly. I always considered Nintendo the Disney of video games anyway, and both have many similarities