IGN UK reviews The Club

In a climate where so many current games go gentle on their players, offering easy achievements (and, indeed, Achievements) in the name of entertainment, one that requires hours of concentrated practice is a relative one-off. It's a one-off that mostly succeeds, but by concentrating only on function and never on form, it denies itself greatness. If the Club 2, should there be one, can stop to laugh at itself occasionally, it'll be a far finer game. If you don't have that ice-cold glint in your eye that betrays your need to be The Best, you'll probably think The Club is rubbish. It's like a restaurant that only serves fish. If you don't like fish, you'll call it a terrible restaurant, regardless of how fine its food is. If you do like fish though, you'll be over the moon that there's a place that seems to cater just for you. So: do you like fish?

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