Will Nintendo Dominate another Holiday Season? Two words, well kind of words, Wii U. All eyes were on Nintendo yesterday as media and fanboys alike were glued to their seats at 10:00AM EST for the Nintendo Press Conference. Finally the world was to hear and see just exactly what the Wii U is and what it can do.

Personally, Nintendo hasn’t impressed me in recent years. I haven’t owned a system for the sake of personal fulfillment since the N64. Some can argue the GameCube was the last great system but at that time I was far more interested in Xbox and PS2 to care. The Wii had made some leaps in innovation but had a lack of really enticing titles to keep the ‘core’ gamer in me interested. After a widely successful launch the Wii was quickly crushed by its competitors in more ways than just available titles.....

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Hatsune-Miku2225d ago

I don't think so. They shouldn't because the Wii u is just underwhelming with its tech and exclusive software outline.

I learned from buying the Wii where it had terrible control scheme and lack of core software support. Nintendo fanatics dont understand that supporting shoddy tech will lead to getting shoddy products.

Perjoss2225d ago (Edited 2225d ago )

My guess is that 90% of people that buy the WiiU have no idea what the tech specs of the machine are.

edit: and its not meant as an insult to those consumers, its just that I think they are the kinds of people that don't really care.

3rdDimension2225d ago

This generation has produced some of the most spoiled graphic hungry gamers ever.

The same gamers that are complaing about the Wii U and it's tech need to just stop because all these game consoles are underwhelming tech considering the fact that PCs have been outperforming them graphically for a long time. What the new consoles show as next generation is last generation compared to a PC!

kikizoo2225d ago

@3rddimension "s have been outperforming them graphically for a long time"

yeah sure, "a long time", just show me uncharted pc, gow pc, heavy rain, etc etc

you can only talk about obvious superiority since bfc3 vs console port...but not most of the games available, and not "a long time"

Vortex3D2225d ago

While I agree but remember, the first group of buyers are more hardcore or have money. They buy into the marketing "hypes" with any need of proof as long the marketing looks good.

Remember, Wii U has 1 year or so before next Xbox and/or PS4 are out. So, Nintendo has to say whatever they can to try gain some shares because once the next Xbox or PS3 are out, Nintendo knows Wii U is back to the 3rd because Wii U is really last gen graphics. No hard drive also a killer. Nintendo still hasn't say how Wii U games are going do DLC which is critical to game publishers. (Ever wonder why Nintendo keeps saying CPU and GPU aren't important? In marketing, if they don't have something incredible to compete, the answer is it doesn't matter or stay quiet.)

Next issue with Wii U is casual gamers. Original Wii was so popular because of casual gamers. After the initial Wii U hypes, how many casual gamers do you think will buy a Wii U for that price? Remember, casual buyers are cheapo buyers.

Nintendo knows they have very limited time in selling Wii U hypes to gain as many buyers as possible.

The more interesting question if you do buy a Wii U at launch. What Wii U exclusive gamers that is so good that you must have? As I said, very few casual Wii gamers will not care about Wii U at launch price. So, the "new" customers are from PS3, X360 or PC but they probably already have the non-exclusive Wii U games, often by a year earlier.

All I can say is good luck to Nintendo.

deletingthis346753342225d ago

Except the vast majority of console gamers don't care for the specs. They pick up a console based on the games they want to play. You tend to forget this crucial bit of information. Look at the sales of the PS2 and compare it to the more powerful GameCube. Case closed.

Moncole2225d ago

Yes with great exclusives and great systems.

SpiralTear2225d ago

I don't think they'll "dominate" but releasing the system a year before competitors should be beneficial, as long as they can keep the production going. Finding a Wii in 2006-2008 was damn near impossible.

wiiu_peeu2225d ago

I think they will because of the 300 dollar offering.

2225d ago
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