New 12GB PS3 coming in two weeks

Gamereactor: A German online retailer posted (via Facebook) that in October a new PS3 with 12GB of flash memory will appear.

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Hatsune-Miku2252d ago

I'll buy a 500gb slimmer ps3 first day

sandman2242252d ago

I'll buy the 320 gig or 250gig my ps3 slim is making a chainsaw noise. It's the 160 gig model it's been doing it since I bought it. I should have exchanged it when I had the chance.

ABizzel12252d ago

12GB isn't going to work for all those games that have massive installs. My guess is they've upgraded the Blu Ray player in this PS3 model, so installs are no longer needed, and it's a change that could be done without affecting previous console differences.

gaffyh2252d ago

@ABizzel - I kinda doubt they'd do that. There's no game that uses the entire 12GB for installs, so it is enough for Sony to be able to say, "Delete some files from your PS3 or buy an extra HDD". If they put in a better Blu-ray drive, it kinda defeats the purpose of making the device cheaper to make (unless 2x Blu-ray lasers cost more to make than 4/8x, which is possible)

sikbeta2252d ago

I have to buy a new PS3 because my slim died, tempting if priced right... but if no upgradeable HDD, will go for current slim

Oh_Yeah2252d ago

ill but the cheapest one and slap my 750 gb hard drive up in it...if my current slim ever breaks that is.

Thatguy-3102252d ago

yea 500gb for me. I currentlly have the 250 and its crazy how the GB just vanish lol. Plus I just need a new system so im just waiting for the announcement.

Conzul2252d ago

Flash memory is quite fast. I expect these models will have a more responsive menu and/or loading times for stored media.

Pushagree2252d ago

PS3 games can't even wipe thier ass with 12gb. What is the point of this?

guitarded772252d ago

I want to know what the price will be... the lower the price, the more they will sell this holiday. I already have 3 PS3's with my main one being a 750gb, but one of my best friends is still holding out due to working crazy hours, and not feeling the has the time to invest vs the monetary investment. Maybe a dirt cheap PS3 will get him to buy one, so I can game with him too.

antz11042252d ago

Agreed, isnt a 12g model kind of a waste of time?

fr0sty2252d ago

People said the 0GB 360's were a waste of time, but they still sold a lot of them. This makes a good starter kit to get someone going with a couple games and a couple more disc based games that do not require much HDD space, until they can get ahold of (any off the shelf SATA) a hard drive to add to their storage space. I bet the upgrade would be seamless since this is data stored on flash memory, it could exist alongside the HDD without the need for copying data from one drive to the next.

darthv722252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

its a german retailer making this confirmation via facebook? Does anyone else find that a bit odd?

If true, we dont know much about the physical changes to the system. such as the super slimming down did it incur the removal of an internalized hdd interface?

so that would put it at using external hdd kind of like the wii-u. That is just a guess for now but it would be a good move on sony's part.

Rather than being locked into a specific price point with internal hardware adding to the cost. Leave it up to the consumer to use any size ext hdd they want.

It would be nice if the bd drive was quicker to alleviate loads/mandatory installs. 12gb is better than 4gb for 360 and 8gb for wii-u.

@abiz a better example would be the turbografx. Many might not get the reference but when it was remodeled from the single speed split design to the duo it got a double speed drive. Same with the 3do FZ-1 front loader to the FZ-10 top loader. A change in drives does wonders.

Oh and the ps2 to the ps2 slim lost the ability to use the hdd (even though it wasnt used for many things anyway). I think 12gb seems a bit low. I mean the PSP go has 16gb with expandable storage via M2 cards.

ABizzel12252d ago

@Gaffyh & disagrees

It is 2012. Blu Ray drives aren't $200 anymore. Sony even has Blu Ray players that cost $40, so a simple upgraded Blu Ray drives makes sense. Do you know what kind of backlash this will have if people buy that console, install a game, and realize they have to delete installs over and over. I had the 60GB PS3, and when I reached my limit it was one of the few times I've ever had to complain about the PS3. I have a 320GB PS3, and it's at it's limit as well (blame it on PS+). If someone buys this 12GB PS3 and becomes a PS+ member they're screwed, and since this new PS3 SS is still "a rumor" we don't know if you can upgrade the memory or not or even if it has a HDD, and seeing how this is for casual gamers more than likely they have no idea you can even upgrade the HDD.

Adding a better Blu Ray drive will prevent all installs that current PS3's need, and as I said a better Blu Ray drive will not affect the price of the PS3 SS but a couple of dollars ($10 tops). And it's not like consoles haven't been upgraded after their initial release before.

1. Sega Megadrive -> Sega Genesis -> Genesis 2 -> Genesis 3

2. PS1 -> PSone

3. PS2 didn't have DVD playback at first (in Japan), but was added to the new versions that would later release in the US. PS2 Slim added an Ethernet port and some even had built-in modems (Japan). The PSX was also a version of the PS2 that included a DVR and DVD burner, as well as introduced the XMB. Overall the PS2 received 15 different versions many of which were all under the hood changes rather than dynamic visual changes.

4. PSP upgraded from 32MB of RAM to 64MB of RAM in it's remodel.

5. Xbox 360 added Wi-Fi to the 360s, as well as different A/V ports, 5 USB ports, and an Auxiliary port for Kinect.

Even the PS3 Slim, while it's taken out features like backwards compatibility, it added features like larger HDD, Sony Easy link (connection to BRIVIA's, VAIO's, etc...), and better function CPU & GPU.

A 12GB PS3 will become a nightmare once people reach that 12GB limit which will be a lot sooner than the 4GB Xbox 360's limit, due to mandatory installs. They should have at least went with 32GB - 64GB.

Vortex3D2252d ago

Don't people here who said 12GB isn't enough to install anything have any common sense? First you need to think why Sony would release a "12GB" storage model. Who is the target audience of "12GB" model? Don't think hardcore gamers because you are wrong (reason explained later).

Now look at X360 without hard drive model. Who is the target audience for the model? How much is X360 without hard drive sells for? Less than cheapest PS3 with a hard drive.

Who is the target audience for X360 without hard drive? This is the same answer for 12GB PS3.

Answer is very casual gamers. That is the group of gamers that Sony hasn't been able to reach very well because all hard drive models are still too pricey. Stop thinking logical that if you buy all the missing parts later, it will be cheaper to buy a higher end model with hard drive. Remember, this very casual gamers have no idea what they want, just interested in some gaming. The initial price tag is critical to them. $99 vs $200+ is a huge difference to this type of consumer. (I understand that's not X360 or PS3 price but an example. Who knows Microsoft and Sony may go for the "$99" range?)

Next, what do casual gamers play? Simple games. Most simple games will work with 12GB of storage.

Like X360 without hard drive model, if those casual gamers later become more of a real gamers and need more space to store their stuff, great, have them install a hard drive. On X360, they are stuck paying for Microsoft brand that is pricey. With PS3, unless Sony plans to release "Sony branded hard drive", those gamers can buy from any retailers.

I said earlier, 12GB model isn't for hardcore gamers. That may not be the marketed plan but it's now even better because most hardcore gamers upgrade to the 1TB hard drive or larger. But the smaller OEM hard drive becomes useless. Why pay for it if you are going to upgrade the hard drive anyway?

This is where readers who said 12GB model doesn't make sense because they don't understand the market. To them, the default 160GB or 250GB hard drive is enough and can't understand why 12GB model is the model for gamers that are too casual or too hardcore.

If you don't agree, please state a logical plan that Sony can get very casual gamers to buy a PS3. Remember, very casual gamers main attraction is the out of the box price tag. They don't know anything and can't see the long team cost of gaming. Like X360 without hard drive model, you must be able to find a way to produce a PS3 model that can get the very casual gamers into the door.

inb4its2late2252d ago


One of the main reasons the arcade 3 even sold, was cause of people replacing RROD xboxes and just buy that model cause it was cheaper and slapping their old hard drive in it.

Oner2251d ago

@Vortex3D ~ Very Well Said.

Tsar4ever012251d ago (Edited 2251d ago )

I wish 12gb would be the on board SYSTEM MEMORY of the ORBIS.

But more seriously, 12gb flash is way better than wussy 4gb on x360s. And plus the buyer would always have the option to buy any non-propriety HDD/SDD drive. so what's the big deal?

I believe inboard flash memory is going to be the standard in all PS Orbis's anyway. Flash memory is always faster for OS system boot-up & dloaded games would no longer have to wait for the HDD.

BattleAxe2251d ago

@ sandman224

"I'll buy the 320 gig or 250gig my ps3 slim is making a chainsaw noise. It's the 160 gig model it's been doing it since I bought it. I should have exchanged it when I had the chance."

You should secure your home a bit better. Sounds like a 360 fanboy sabotaged your PS3 with some kind of hardware mod.

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mewhy322252d ago

but 12 gig is only enough for 2 or 3 game installs. with so many games requiring a mandatory install on the ps3 this isn't really very much space.

nukeitall2252d ago

There are gonna be a lot of complaints from the casual gamers realizing that they frequently run out of space. Most PS3 games these days require some sort of mandatory intall.

Then again, if you didn't pay for the extra space....

Rhythmattic2252d ago

"with so many games requiring a mandatory install "

Yes, some install anything from a few 100k to a few 100mb...

Out of a few hundred games I own , only a few have a more than a 1gb install that is "mandatroy" , unless of course its a full retail PSN game..

insomnium22252d ago


Ssshhhh!!! Don't tell them or they'll have nightmares. That's right ladies and gentlemen. Every single game on PS3 requires a 3GB mandatory install minimum.

the worst2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

people are dumb u can a hard drive

Pillsbury12252d ago

You are correct sir. But are you seriously neglecting the fact that the hdd can be upgraded? Because if you are sir then you are an ignoramus.

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Persistantthug2252d ago

Most PS3 games require an installation.

I'm calling shenanigans on this.

darthv722252d ago

installs are required to compensate for the bd drives slow transfer rate.

If the drive were quicker then we would not see the installs be needed as much, if at all.

Doubling the speed (and in some cases the memory) can do wonders to load times. The original PSP1000 had only 32mb of ram and games took a bit to load and would load during gameplay.

The 2000 had double the memory (not sure if it had a quicker UMD) and taking a game that loaded slow on the 1000 and playing it on the 2000 you could tell a difference. Or I can anyway.

Dlacy13g2252d ago

@darth72... even if that is the case, what do you do with all the previous PS3 games that have a mandatory install? I would think that would be a bit of coding nightmare? Those games are all coded to install to the hard drive and then have the system run the game from the hard drive not the disc.

darthv722252d ago

I would have to guess a patch can be released for the games to allow them to bypass the install and stream load instead.

If konami can make a patch to add trophies as well as full install, they can make one that negates the install too.

That's up to the developers to decide.

Persistantthug2252d ago

Sure, Sony devs could and would do it....but Sony can't force developers and publishers to go back and recode for their games.

And then, what about developers who have gone out of Business, such as BLACKROCK STUDIOS (Split Second) and Bizarre Creations (Blur).

Sony can't force any developers to recode any of those old games bro....and there's a ton of them that would need it....most of them in fact.

Again, it's not practical. That's why this whole 12 and 16GB PS3 is nonsensical rumor mongering.

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Megaton2252d ago

Awesome? More like pathetic.

Flash storage is a step backwards for consoles as long as it's providing such small numbers. Especially for the PS3, a console with frequent mandatory installs.

GuyManDude2252d ago

If it has an HHD bay and it costs $200 or less then yes, this is pretty awesome. People can buy 1TB HHDs for less than $100.

In other words: super-slim 1TB PS3 for under $300.

Mr Pumblechook2252d ago

This website has said a German retailer leaked the info.

But what is the German retailer?
Where is their Facebook page?

Without this info then it sounds Jackanory.

Azmatik2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Cant wait! Hope its a super slim, ill just slap my 500gb in.

Azmatik2252d ago

Cant wait! Ill just slap my 500gb in.

MostJadedGamer2252d ago

Very smart move by Sony as long as this comes in at $149. A $149 PS3 would sell like crazy for a very, very long time. I don't think they plan to release the PS4 til 2014 as they want recoup the massive losses on the PS3, and maybe even make a little profit.

The PS3 wouuld put up monster sales in 2012, and 2013 with a $149 model.

awi59512252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Sorry double post

awi59512252d ago

I hope sony doesnt think this waste of time slows sales of the Wii U. If so japan just got in a huge shipment of crack and sony is smoking it.

lilbrat232252d ago

I still have a broke 60GB and if the price is right and I can upgrade the HDD than I guess and hope I could use my 60GB HDD on

wane2251d ago

What about those massive installs?

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HappyWithOneBubble2252d ago

PS3 will have huge sales for the holidays.

himdeel2252d ago

Only if it's below $199. A $175 would be super but $149 would be fantastic!

dgonza402252d ago

Those are unrealistic expectations. Anything under 250 would be insane, though

DeadlyFire2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

It does have to compete with the WiiU hardware. Keep that in mind.

I am thinking drop will hit at least $199 price point. PS3 is currently at $250 price point. So smaller one will definitely be cheaper.

subtenko2252d ago

Competing with the WiiU. If they get it under $250 it will do well imo. Man, all this tech getting smaller and advanced, iphone5s getting A6 chips, ps3 slims getting slimmer, whats next? :D

inb4its2late2252d ago


I bought my son's 160 slim last year for 249, during the holidays. If this is true it will not be over 200 for sure.

lilbrat232252d ago

$99 would be

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TheNocturnus2252d ago


What's next?
Hopefully the Xbox 720 and the PS4.

ritsuka6662252d ago

PS3 will have huge sales for the holidays. "


Really funny you comment bro... xD

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GribbleGrunger2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

What? 12GB and they may 'marginally' raise the price? I'm waiting on this lol

two disagrees? has anyone actually read it? You actually want a new PS3 with 12GB of memory for more money?! LOLOL

'Sources are indicating that this PS3 will possibly have an even smaller box than the PS Slim, meaning a new ultra-slimline design is on the way. We're also expecting a hike in price, although no figures are available.'

Let's wait for an official announcement eh?

miyamoto2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Even if we are not really sure abt it ...if Sony is gunning for the younger gamers its not a bad strategy. I said before its Sony's turn to give Nintendo a dose of its "Wii medicine" when Wii U comes out.
The gamers Sony is selling this budget PS3 does not care about heavy specs anyway & the type of games wont require them either.

CommonSenseGamer2252d ago

Specs yes.

I think most Wii owners are more likely to jump to the Wii-U than PS3 or Xbox.

kneon2252d ago

The yen is still ridiculously high but I can't see them raising the price. The only way the price will go up is if they bundle in some extras. And there's always the chance of a PS3+Vita bundle, that would certainly raise the price.

PersonMan2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

It's not 12GB of memory.

Edit: Just realized that you meant FLASH memory, not RAM.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Knowing sony they will want to combat wiiU. I wouldn't be surprised to see a ps3 + vita bundle. But I am not sure what price they could do it.

I am keeping my ps3 until it dies. I want ps4.

GribbleGrunger2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

Ok, I'll throw something in here that hasn't been mentioned as a possibility yet. It's not something I like to do when there's more 'ifs' than wills', but here goes:

The standard flash memory is 16GB (a rumour from Neogaf a while back said there would be a 16GB slimmer released this year). So, why the unusual 12GB? What could that missing 4GB be used for (if it's there but hidden from this news report?).

Two things leap out at me immediately:

Firstly 'perhaps' it could be used to improve OS speeds and in particular online browsing and general access. 'Perhaps it could even help update speeds?'

Secondly, we all know of Sony's recent acquisition of Gaikai. 'Perhaps' Sony are going to offer some content through that service that would benefit from a more streamlined online connectivity. This wouldn't cut current owners out of the loop, it would just mean that their experience wouldn't be quite as smooth. Don't discount this immediately. Remember that Wikipad will not only be getting PSMobile, but it will also be getting Gaikai, so clearly Sony are already ready to roll with it.

auen12252d ago

whoever wrote that they may hike the price up is an idiot.

and why do people think you won't be able to upgrade the hdd? the 4gb xbox has flash memory, and you can upgrade its hdd.

ALLWRONG2251d ago

How does 12gb work on a PS3 with mandatory installs? 2 games is all you can play. Isn't one of the biggest selling points for PS3 fans is that "every PS3 has a HDD"?

MrBeatdown2251d ago

"Isn't one of the biggest selling points for PS3 fans is that "every PS3 has a HDD"?"

Yeah, it is, but not because anybody gives a crap if some guy can't have Skyrim, MGS4, and Rage installed at the same time.

It's because every developer can assume the user has one, which they do, and design the game accordingly. If some poor guy has to uninstall one massive game like Rage to play something else every now and then, that's his own problem, and he can either delete something, or buy a HDD. At the end of the day, he can still play every last PS3 game with his 12GB PS3.

Games are designed for the superior setup, as opposed to weakest. That's the selling point. The lowest common denominator isn't catered to. The selling point was never how much crap can be crammed onto the hard drive, or how easy it would be for the cheapest of gamers to play what they wanted with the least amount of effort.

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jimbobwahey2252d ago

Sony intends to give Nintendo a hard time during the Wii U launch then. I wonder if Microsoft will follow suit?

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miyamoto2252d ago

Well I like to see it as just the natural progressoon of Red Ocean Strategy. Product prices naturally lowers but the good thing is Sony did not abandon the core gaming community but at the same time they can serve both mature and younger gamers at the same time with one product. Where as Nintendo had to make two consoles.

Its debatable who had the better strategy now.

supremacy2252d ago (Edited 2252d ago )

I guess the rumors on neogaf were right, and right i did for waiting. For 150.00 if thats the price for this ill get it, and use one of my old HDDs on it. I know it saids they look to raise the price on this unit, but i dont think Sony will do such a thing.

Specially here in the u.s where ill be getting minds.

12Gb of flash memory is comparable to say the 8gb flash memory in the wiiu.

What i get from all this, that perhaps many dont, is that all 3 companies are going small in order to save and turn a quick profit. Now adays you look at smartphones and tablets with similar configurations running similar content for a higher price tag. And consumers go out their way to get more memory. It has worked for ms with the arcade models and 4gb models, i am sure the casuals will look past this and only see the price tag instead. Smart.