I'm Buying a Wii U at Launch. Who Else

Arcee "So as I have stated before, I believe that the Wii U will be a great investment for many of those who decide to purchase the console. Based on the level of entertainment my family and I received from the Wii, and the years of entertainment I have had with previous Nintendo consoles, it almost feels like a safe bet in my eyes. But I am confident that I am making the right choice here – for me and my family’s gaming needs."

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gaffyh2228d ago

I'm going to leave it for at least a year, because the Wii was the worst thing I ever bought, and all of the games, even those that were critically acclaimed (e.g. SMG), I hated. I need to see a lot more games that I like before I buy one. Also, I need a lot more information on specifications to understand whether or not this console will actually last through PS4/Xbox 720, or be destroyed by the graphics of those systems.

MostJadedGamer2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

Yea there isnt a reason to buy a Wii U unless your a fan of Nintendo's 1st party games. I don't have any interest in Nintendo's 1st party games at all. So I cann't see there ever being a reason for me to buy the Wii U.

I very foolishly bought the Wii just because everybody else was buying it, and then traded it back into Gamestop only a month, and half later.

darthv722228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

to each their own but i have to say. you remind me of those who shunned the dreamcast when it came out. People saying they felt burned by sega with the genesis or saturn or more specifically they were ps1 users who just didnt want to associate themselves with anything but the upcoming ps2.

truth be told, the dc is one of the best in history and its because of skepticism that it died. Now years later we get article after article proclaiming how great it was.

i can understand someone wanting to wait because of lack of funds or they just dont like the games that would be coming out right away. but to think there would be absolutely nothing that appeals to someone simply by going by past experience....give me a break.

this is nintendo we are talking about. Not atari.

gaffyh2227d ago (Edited 2227d ago )

@darth - Nintendo has consistently proven that their first party is strong, but third party support isn't necessarily. It's not just about a single generation, but even if you look at the Wii and the Wii U, it is clear that Nintendo are not as focused on the core gamer as they were during the GC days. Anyone who says otherwise is in denial. So it's obvious that gamers would be wary, especially if you aren't a fan of their first party (I got bored of Mario after N64).

So it's a completely different situation than the one you mentioned.

BlindGuardian2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

don't want to but can't help it, I live for this stuff

of the lunch line up I'm only getting Mario U and ZombieU, but at some point Mario 3D, Zelda and Metroid will eventually come around and be great like always

so I rather get it now, waiting months for a price drop that might not come for a year doesn't go well with my anxious gamer personality

MostJadedGamer2228d ago

Probably NEVER for me. I seriously doubt there will ever be a good reason to buy a Wii U.

I seriously regretted buying a Wii. I only owned the Wii for a month, and half, and then I traded it back into Gamestop.

I don't even know why I bought the Wii in the first place. I guess the only reason I bought it was everybody else was buying it, and I was just a mindless sheep following the pack.

browngamer412228d ago

Cool story...thanks for the response-My opinion of the WiiU has now been completely swayed...

CalvinKlein2228d ago

haha thats just like the people who hate COD because they bought the last 5 and now they talk the most crap about it suddenly.

I never gotta wii, but WiiU looks alot better than a wii. At least its a good amount better than the current gen consoles and has a regular controller but with a screen. THe wii wasnt even more powerful than a xbox1 or GC and used crappy motion controls. I knew I didnt want that even if it did have a few games Id love to play.

I have all PSes and xboxes and a pc and havent gotten a nintendo since 64. IMO the wiiU is looking like the best console they have made since n64 too me. I also didnt buy Nintendo's last 2 consoles tho, so I'm not bitter like you I guess.

Megaplaynate2227d ago

I bought the Wii for my younger brother, I asked him if he wanted a bigger Tv or a Wii, he chose the Wii, played Zelda for a week and left it in a corner to gather dust.
I used to play Mario kart with my friends on the wii and that's the only reason I'd buy a Wii U, but I will next year after a price drop and with a bigger flash memory.

_LarZen_2228d ago

Nintendo have made a sceptic to a beliver, so yeah im buying it on day 1.

DA_SHREDDER2228d ago

My inner child wont let me not buy one.

GiggMan2228d ago

My actual child(ren) won't let me not buy one. :-(

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