Ebay listings already have bloated prices on Wii U pre-orders

Could this be an indication that the Wii U will be THE hot item this Christmas or is just an example of misguided entrepreneurs running amuck ?

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iamnsuperman2279d ago

Didn't people do this with the PS3 and it backfired.

stragomccloud2278d ago

Actually, I think that the first people who did i made some pretty good scratch. Died down rather quickly though.

Army_of_Darkness2278d ago

I hate the feeling of being bloated.

MrKingofVideoGames2278d ago

Heck, after the news that Gamestop sold out of 32GB pre-orders, I jumped in and pre-ordered a second console from Target. Who knows, it may work or it may not (I was sure wrong about the 3DS when I pre-ordered 2 of those).