Gamers bombard Platinum Games with hate-filled messages over Bayonetta 2 on Wii U

"This kind of stuff is absolutely disgusting. Speaks oh-so well for gamers in general. Bayonetta 2 was announced as Wii U exclusive today, which sent a ton of gamers into a rage-filled fury. Bashing of Nintendo and Platinum hit hard, with some absolutely vile comments.", writes GoNintendo.

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Shok4035d ago

I've been laughing at this rage all day. Here's a compilation of it:


for we are many4035d ago

Massive "Butt-Hurt Syndrome" epidemic!!

AsimLeonheart4035d ago

The problem is that people do not want to pay $350 dollar and then $60 for playing Bayonetta. They want their favourite game sequel to be released on the console they have already invested in. People do not have the money to waste on a whole console for playing a single game. That is why they are feeling angry that they are being blackmailed into buying a console IF they want to play a sequel to their favourite game. It is not fanboyism, loyalty or being butt-hurt. Nobody would have been angry if the game was announced for all platforms including the WiiU.

kneon4035d ago

But there is a simple solution, don't buy the Wii U and don't buy Bayonetta 2, that's what I'll be doing. It's not like there aren't plenty of other new games to play on whatever platform you have already.

WrAiTh Sp3cTr34035d ago

This is one of those reasons not to be a console fanboy.

da_2pacalypse4035d ago

Can you really blame Platinum games? From what I understand Sega wasn't interested in funding a sequel, so Nintendo stepped in and funded them. If you had a choice between no sequel or sequel for wiiu, wouldn't you take the deal?

BrutallyBlunt4035d ago

The immaturity of gamers never ceases to amaze me. Games like Final Fantasy and Metal Gear started out on the Nintendo console. Bayonetta 2 will also likely be timed exclusive and may come to the new PS4 and new XBOX.

sikbeta4035d ago

@for we are many

Remember RE4 on PS2? imagine what could have happened if REZero and REmake were ported as well :P


I really don't know why people love this game so much, it's because DMC sucks now? I don't like the "art-style" of the enemies, it's like DMC on massive drugs or something...

Thing is, Bayo2 was never going to happen because the game didn't sell well on PS360, so maybe Nintendo offered help to PG and Sega that now is reducing its business and focusing on a bunch of games anyway, win-win situation for Nintendo/Sega/PG and gamers that want to play this game.

It's either Bayo2 Wii-U or no Bayo2 at all, take your pick.

DigitalAnalog4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Metal Gear started on the MSX. Get your facts straight. The NES "ports" were spinoffs that has nothing to do with Kojima.

antz11044035d ago

"Kick a dolphin in their vagina"? LMFAO, these comments made my day

StanSmith4035d ago


Right, be honest now. Would you have that same attitude, had PG said that Bayonetta 2 was releasing on PS4 and Xbox 720, thus also forcing you to buy a $350 + console to play it?

Nobody cried when they were forced to buy a PS3 to play MGS4, Killzone 2 or the following Ratchet and Clank games, or when they were forced to buy a 360 to play Halo 3 & 4, Forza 3 & 4.
Nobody cried when they were forced to buy a Wii to play Mario, Zelda etc
Nobody cried when we were forced to upgrade to PS3/360 to play sequels to all the other PS2/Xbox franchises.

The anger is simply coming from PS3/360 fanboys who more than likely didn't buy Bayonetta or would buy it's sequel. It is simply fanboyism and people being butt hurt.

darthv724035d ago

sort of remind me of MGS4 and the 360 users complaining how that game should come out for 360. MGS2 was on xbox so the idea of a next gen version made sense until it was PS3 only.

Bayonetta was out on ps3/360 so the idea of bayonetta 2 coming made sense. Nope, its now wii-u exclusive. And for all we know it could be a timed exclusive.

People need to relax and take the wait and see approach. It may very well come out later or even a bayonetta 3 for ps4/720

NewMonday4035d ago

Most 3rd part exclusives are timed, this one is the same

Just wait 6-12 months or buy a WiiU

I will wait

Ben_Grimm4035d ago

How is it times exclusive when Sega dropped and canceled it and Nintendo picked it up and published it for themselves.

Why get mad at Platinum games? If anything be mad at Sony or MS for not doing what Nintendo did. This game was on the verge of extinction and Nintendo saved it.

People are mad because Nintendo picked up a game for their system as an exclusive? Serious, is this what we have to complain about these days.

Oh internet you so silly!

AsimLeonheart4035d ago


Bro, the scenario you are presenting is a different one. When a new generation starts all of the franchises make the shift and people buy the new console to enjoy ALL of their favourite franchises in neg-gen iteration and not just one. The old consoles have become outdated and are being abandoned so their is no option but to move on. In the current scenario the PS360 are still current-gen with comparable hardware performance to the WiiU. All the of the franchises still exist on them with multiplatform games existing among the three consoles. Moreover, Bayonetta was never released on the Wii and suddenly making the game exclusive to the WiiU is very shocking for the fans. I will give you an example: What if the next flagship game in the Legend of Zelda series suddenly was announced for PS360 while leaving out the Nintendo console? Does'nt that sounds outrageous to you? It is the same case with Bayonetta.

StanSmith4035d ago


Yes it does sound outrageous, simply because it would never happen as Nintendo owns the IP.

What's all this fud that WiiU is comparable to PS3/360? We don't even know the CPU clockspeeds, or what the exact GPU is inside the WiiU. So how can gamers be outrage over Bayonetta? Perhaps Bayonetta is a next gen game that the PS3/360 are to weak to run due to the less ram available? If PG had released this on all platforms, people would have still accused them of dumbing down the PS3/360 versions.

You see this is my point, they're damned it they did release it and they are damned if they didn't. They can't win no matter what they did. People are rushing to attack PGs without any knowledge of the reason why they made Bayonetta WiiU exclusive. There is simply no excuse for it.

Darrius Cole4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )


Nobody cried when they were forced to buy a PS3 in order to play MGS4??????

Where have you been, there was much weeping and gnashing of teeth over MGS4 being exclusive. There was a "MGS4 to 360" rumor every month for 3 straight years. They cried to high heavens. Kojima-sama just did not hear their pleas.

For the One million-th time. If your game kills the enemy with a sword, knife, or hack-n-slash action, your game will sell more on PS3. If your games kills the enemy with a gun or military action, then your game will sell more on X360.

Bayonetta was doomed from the beginning. It was mistakenly designed as an Xbox 360 exclusive, but they didn't sell it to Microsoft as an exclusive; it was down-hill ever since.

It was hack-n-slash game, designed to appeal to people who liked Devil May Cry, that was broken and unplayable on PS3, where all the DMC fans are. On top of that, they refused to cash in on the 360 fanboyism by making it 360 exclusive. The broken, PS3 version still sold more copies than the immaculate, X360 version. Which means that over half the people who bought it got a game that was literally unplayable. Bayonetta crapped on the only market it had. I'm not surprised that Sega cancelled it, they probably saw no place to go with it.

Nintendo saved Bayonetta 2. But Bayonetta has no fans on Nintendo platforms. But maybe the Nintendo faithful will like it.

Sono4214035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Seriously this is just annoying/amazingly pathetic. All these people putting Platinum on blast, bitching and moaning in general need to grow up. Platinum did not have a choice, Sega stopped funding so Nintendo stepped in. If it wasn't for them Bayonetta 2 would not be coming out AT ALL, this is what you morons need to understand. Wouldn't you at least want the option to play it rather than not at all? If you fanboys would just look past the brand for once and stop being so closed minded you might actually have the opportunity to enjoy this game, but sadly you won't do that, your too thick headed. So many people these days are uneducated simpletons that constantly run their mouths spewing garbage like they actually know something. I am greatly discouraged to be apart of this generation of mass stupidity. This goes for everything in general not just this Bayonetta incident.

ape0074035d ago

LOL my reaction is: U MAD BROS xD

Gamer19824035d ago

The thi9ng is the original was a 360 exclusive remember? For all of a couple of months..

4035d ago
BrutallyBlunt4035d ago


The fact is Metal Gear started on another platform and was designed by Hideo Kojima in 1987, long before Sony entered into game consoles. What about Final Fantasy?

Unless Platinum announced they were going to make Bayonetta 2 long ago and promised it would continue on the same system then what's there to complain about? This strategy of getting 3rd partry publishers to offer exclusive games, whether it be timed or full exclusive games, has been going on for a long long time. It's about time Nintendo started getting serious about getting consumers interested in 3rd party content.

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pixelsword4035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Whares ya' exclusives now?

Just kidding; that's a little unfair to people who made the game great, now will have to invest into another console. BUT all of those people who said "I don't play console loyalty, just games" will now have a chance to prove it by buying a Wii U if they loved Bayonetta.

This was 360 exclusive then ported to the PS3, so this basically screws a lot of people who want to remain loyal to the other two consoles.

TopDudeMan4035d ago

True, but people need to accept that this is the nature of the business. I get that people will be mad they'll have to shell out the big bucks, but that's just how it goes in this day and age. Nothing is truly available to everyone now.

cruxito4034d ago

The problem is that people do not want to pay $350 dollar and then $60 for playing Bayonetta. They want their favourite game sequel to be released on the console they have already invested in. People do not have the money to waste on a whole console for playing a single game.
then add the fact that most of Bayonetta fans are on a playtation platform

Aceman184035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

this news didnt bother me since i didnt like it when i played it on my 360 so i doubt this game will make me spend 350 just for one game.

for me the first one was extremely overrated.

they should have seen this coming they mad a lot of people who did love this game mad.

nukeitall4035d ago

Yeah, this is one game that I was regrettful I bought it despite getting it for $20!

I feel for the fans that bought it on PS3/Xbox 360 though, but hey there are plenty of other good games.

Aceman184035d ago

im simply amazed at how developers/publishers this generation have managed to screw over gamers time and time again.

Anon19744035d ago

Gamers piss me off sometimes. What a bunch of whiny brats. Does the sequel coming to the Wii-U somehow take away the fun you had with the first title? Play the game and enjoy it. If you want to play the second, suck it up and buy the console it's on. It's not rocket science. Played it on the 360 and PS3 and now mad because you're little cryin' head can't play the sequel. Too bloody bad. No one owes you anything. The sooner you realise that fact the sooner you can start living your life. The entitlement generation indeed. Life's gonna kick these kids so squarely in the balls one day they won't have a clue what the hell happened. And then they can take they're little "Me, me, me" attitude to the net and waste their breath crying about it because guess what? No one cares what you think you're owed.

metsgaming4035d ago

i completely understand people being mad, this isnt just an exclusive going multiplat its a multiplat going exclusive and not even exclusive for either platforms it was originally on. Good thing i dont care about this game if it was like vanquish 2 i would be mad aswell. These people dont want to go out and spend over 400 dollars for a system for only 1 game than it would collect dust especially when they should be able to play on the one they already have

nukeitall4035d ago


and you are the adult here? That really puts things in perspective here. /s

Aceman184035d ago


im going to assume your rant wasn't targeted towards me since like i said i didn't like the game and this news didn't bother me at all.

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RockmanII74035d ago (Edited 4035d ago )

Another video of complainers

It seems a lot of what is in the link though is the same as the video I posted.