If it were a movie... Mass Effect

What would be the most suitable cast for an hypothetic Mass Effect movie? Let's find out!

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Godmars2902279d ago

What was the point in listing someone who's dead? Or if is that kind of list listing only one person?

Pozzle2278d ago

A great big "NO!!" to Megan Fox as Kasumi. She's a Japanese character so she should be played by a Japanese actress.

no_more_heroes2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

Same here. I actually agree with everything except Kasumi. For me, though, Michelle Yeoh was born for that role.

FrightfulActions2278d ago

Olivia Wilde - Not sure who she is since I honestly don't watch a lot of tv, but she has the right look for Ashley.

Danny Glover - I like Glover. I'd be fine with him playing Anderson but I'm not really sure if he can pull off the character. Anderson may be a great guy but he's also a battle-hardened solider. Keith David would be a better choice.

Angelina Jolie - Any actress playing Jack I'd want to keep their haircut accurate. I somehow doubt Jolie would let you shave her head. Also since shes such a 'big star' there would be a lot of advertising based around her being in it. Which wouldn't be right since Jack isn't that important of a character.

Don Cheadle - A bit old to be playing Jacob, who is somewhat young. But it doesn't really matter, few people actually liked Jacob that much anyway.

Joe Manganiello - Not a clue who this guy is. But whats wrong with Freddie Prince Jr, the voice actor for Vega? I'm pretty sure his an actor anyway. He'd need to tan up a bit and work out first.

Christian Slater - Could work, but how anyone could suggest anyone other than Seth Green for the role of Joker is beyond me. Seth is what makes Joker Joker.

Julian McMahon - Not a clue who this is. But he has the right look for it, and Kaidan shouldn't be a hard character to act as.

Brandon Lee - Is this supposed to be a joke? Lee is dead. Fortunately it'd be easy enough to get anyone to be Kai. We never see him in the game without that 'mask' on, so all he needs is to be Asian and have long black hair.

Megan Fox - Same problem as with Jolie. Her star power would attract too much attention in advertising, and probably have Kasumi's role made more 'important' due to the fact that she's playing it. Also she would never want to have her hood up, big name actors and actresses rarely hide their faces in movies even when the plot calls for it, they want as much face-time as possible. Kasumi never took down her hood which means her features were always fairly hidden. I doubt someone like Fox would go for that, nor would the producer who would want to milk her being in the film as much as possible for hits.

Yvonne Strahovski - Perfect, all they have to do is dye her hair.

Mark Vanderloo - This would be perfect. But I'm not sure it'd work. I'd love for it to be Mark because, well, obviously he's spot-on for Shepard's look. Problem is that Mark, far as I know, is not an actor, he's a model. Does he even speak english, for that matter? Shepard is the main character of the story, everything evolves around him. I'd want someone who was actually capable of acting to play it. Though if he can act, its a match made in heaven.

Gary Oldman - He'd work well as Hackett. Though Lance Henriksen would be better. He's pretty old now and doesn't have the same look, but Hackett has very little screen-time anyway so they'd only have to dress him up and have him give speeches, not like they need him out there running around and being active.

Alec Baldwin - A great choice, really, he has the look needed for the role. Not sure how he'd do with such a dark character role but still, good choice. Though, like all times before, I'd prefer the actual voice actor. Martin Sheen. Just like with Lance, Martin is getting to be pretty old and would have to be doctored up a little with dye and makeup to fit the role. But Illusive Man is not an active character, he just sits in his chair and bosses people around. Im sure Martin is more than capable of handling that type of acting role.