PopCap: 'Chance' for Peggle sequel is possible, series has no level creator because of penis issue

In a recent Q&A, PopCap Games’ Jeff Green gave hope that a new installment of Peggle would be made. He also explained that the reason the series doesn’t have a level creator is because of a problem known as “Time To Penis.”

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DaThreats2278d ago

That doesn't stop the devs of LBP to stop making the game

Snookies122278d ago

Yeah, my eyes burn from the onslaught of peens in that game... LOL, I kid, but I have seen a few levels like that. Makes me wonder why someone would go through all the trouble of making a level like that?

Yi-Long2277d ago (Edited 2277d ago )

I'm guessing just juvenile exploration, so when they make a first level, they see if it's possible to make stuff shaped like a penis, go HAHAHAHA, and that's it...

My main problem would probably be that those levels are only made to make penis-shaped objects, and not to make a proper cool level.

I think that's what's more upsetting: they're usually just really crappy levels.

dark-hollow2278d ago

"However, “The biggest con is what is known in the industry as TTP: Time To Penis. That is, how long would it take for penis level to show up, and then how many would we have to delete every day?”

In other words it's a common practice in the industry to not include a fully fledged level editor so that people won't have unlimited amount of free content and so buy our DLC or future sequels.

MidnytRain2277d ago

I didn't even realize Peggle had DLC.