Why PAL PS3 users should import Rock Band

Gamers outside the US who are eagerly awaiting Rock Band may have heard the ugly rumor that PlayStation 3 owners outside the US wouldn't be getting their fix until September. As an Australian who has been playing the game since 2007, Tim Hanlon from The Gamer Gene asks you this - what exactly are you waiting for?

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sa_nick4330d ago

Exactly right. I imported the game through GameStop on release last year and got the entire bundle for like $230. Chances are it'll cost a good $250 when its actually released in AU anyway. So not only do I have it early but it's probably that it will end up cheaper.

No warranty though, thats the only downside I can think of, luckily all my gears still working fine (after a small mod to the guitar to fix the strum bar)

And downloading DLC off the US store IS possible, you just need a friend in the US, then they can share their DLC with you thanks to the PS3's DLC sharing with up to 5 other machines.