Unreal Tournament, The Darkness Developer Working on a “Very Prestigious AAA 1st Person Shooter”

If there’s one thing this generation is lacking, it’s enough first person shooters. Luckily Digital Extremes are hard at work on a "very prestigious AAA 1st person shooter".

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Foolsjoker2278d ago

next unreal? - about time

doctorstrange2278d ago

Seriously, waited too long

Snookies122278d ago

Yeah, I hope it's on par with UT2K4. Absolute best arena shooter ever made... I STILL play that dang game. :]

HellzAssassin2278d ago

Agreed! I still play it as well. Ballistic Weapons mod is still by far my favourite(:

UT3 was slightly disappointing to me but still a great game nonetheless. I hope the next UT, as you stated would be similar to 2k4.

dbjj120882278d ago

Anything from The Darkness II team is OK by me. Loved that game.

000012278d ago

epic really fucked up UT3 for console players that bought UT3 by not advertising the game at all, so the community was fairly small from the start, at least xbox360 anyway. really hope they try and make Unreal Tournament a big franchise again because i love the that series.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2278d ago (Edited 2278d ago )

"epic really fucked up UT3 for console players"

That is all. Every other one made for pc players was good. What happened? Oh yeah competitive old school style shooters are dead for the mainstream. But hey they made lots of cash anyway. In Valve/CS:GO I trust.

lol only one hardcore tactical shooter on the console market and now halo get perks.. I wonder how halo will play out in MLG.

NovusTerminus2278d ago

I'd rather they made a Darkness III, Dark Sector 2... Or a new I.P...

Cajun Chicken2277d ago

Nice one. I do love Digital Extremes.