Mario Kart Wii - tracks, Japan date and Mii compatibility

Just as fans were moaning about the lack of news concerning Mario Kart Wii yesterday, the latest issue of Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu confirms the April 10 release date, details old and new race courses and reveals that the racer will include Mii compatibility. Nintendic lists 16 courses and reveals more details from the game.

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Rikitatsu4331d ago

It will Hinder Yakuza 3 sales :( ... SEGA should delay Yakuza 3 further --- just talking from a SEGA fan Point of view :P

Monteblanco4331d ago

I would never suspect a title called Yakuza included some sort of racing game to compete with Mario Kart. They are very different to have much impact in sales due to competition.

Wii60PS3DSPSP4330d ago

Well their plan to release Brawl the same day as Devil May Cry 4 worked. That is if it was their plan to begin with but who knows.

coolfool4331d ago

there is no tracks from the snes version!!

That, as always was, the definitive Mario Kart. Still, the DS version had a few so that isn't so bad.

M_Prime4330d ago

there us SNES tracks.. its labeled SFC or super famicon (spelling?) cause they didn't call it SNES there..

Robeezy4331d ago

Have they said if you can use your gamecube controller for this? Now way i am buying a steering wheel. I love mario kart but I will only get it if i can use the old controller.

M_Prime4330d ago

it comes with the wheel and knowing Nintendo they NAILED controls.

this is the first wheel i'd actually consider getting.. that B button is for attacks on the back and it looks like its really easy to press.. NICE i must say

bigjclassic4331d ago

is this game coming out this quickly??

crank4331d ago

there are supposed to be 12 new and 12 old from previous news

will not be into this if it doesn't have at least thirty 2

crank4330d ago

Yes, without my retard math, that would be 16 + 16

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