Yellow Dog Linux 6.0 for PS3 and PPC systems released

Terra Soft on 5 February, 2008, released Yellow Dog Linux v6.0 for Sony PS3, Apple G4/G5, and IBM System p. Built upon the CentOS foundation, a popular derivative of Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), YDL v6.0 offers enterprise quality for the home user.

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sfinXters5976d ago

I wonder what improvements will there be. Hopefully it will now be usable.

BulletToothtony5975d ago

are you serious?? are you just a troll or are you having problems using it?? i use my linux all the time, what's wrong with it??

coolfool5976d ago

I can't that most people who do choose to install this will only install Linux "because they can" and not because they actually intend to use it for anything.

uie4rhig5976d ago

answering your question of why: www.streammygame.com .. well at least i install it for that one, also super fast hacking :D

perseus5976d ago

...if you don't have a home PC.

However, we can get most of the basic services we want online through the PS3 browser - googledocs, gmail/yahoo/hotmail, and little time-killing flash games - so if that's all you want it for, you don't need Linux. If you want more control over your documents, the ability to compile code, and the chance to learn a pretty cool operating system, you should try it out.

Qbanboi5976d ago

wait, can you used the Sixaxis as the controler? Could you do that before?

Ju5976d ago

I would still like to see a complete Ubuntu distro for the PS3, though. But the CellSDK3 is a strong argument. No need to get that installed on ubuntu (well, I've never tried). Sixaxis is interesting, too. I hope they mean thru BluTooth, not USB, though. I still don't like their desktop, and Gnome is still a pain. I am wondering if its possible to downscale all services and really run a minimum desktop to use the 256MB efficiently (there's a link somewhere to reduce the amount of swapping on the PS3, but haven't tried that yet, either). And I am wondering, if they will ever implement PetitBoot into any distro (better yet, Sony should but this into their firmware - an optional visual bootmanager).

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