Syndra, The Dark Sovereign now playable on League of Legends.

Syndra, The Dark Sovereign joins the League of Legends. She is a Mage burst caster with a unique twist on the typical mechanics. She seems to have a lot of burst coupled with a lot of CC as well, Which will make her a big threat in team fights and ganking other lanes. For more information take a look at her abilities below. As a lover of AP burst mids, I will be streaming play during the week so please check back...

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ATi_Elite2228d ago

League of Legends is a where millions of Hot Girl Gamers spend there time.

I'm not talking about wannabe models using Gaming as a way to get into the model business!

I'm talking Hot PC savvy and core gaming girls who are serious about their rank in LoL.

D2-E22225d ago

This is the only reason I might take LOL over DOTA 2 sometimes... haha