New Gen Fu, Mila and Pai character renders revealed for Dead or Alive 5

Several new character renders (featuring Gen Fu, Mila and Pai) has been revealed by Tecmo Koei Games for the upcoming multiplatform title, Dead or Alive 5.

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wishingW3L2277d ago

so this game is basically Dead or Alive vs Virtua Fighter? Because right now there are like 5 or 6 VF characters in the game!

And it sounds like I'm complaining but I'm not, in fact, I like it. ;D

TheCopyNinja2277d ago

Pretty sure 5 or 6 characters isn't enough to consider it a VS/Cross game. VF just fits so perfectly in the DOA universe due to their similar gameplay.

jetlian2277d ago

only 3 so far...akira,sarah, and pai. wish they would add jean and shun di

Unztayble2277d ago

That'd be a cool title for a fighting game, New Gen Fu! Makes me think of those kung fu parody movies.