Personal Gaming: Reasons to invest Wii U Basic Set

Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Set (Black) is exactly what Nintendo enthusiast had been asking for when they eventually unbox their brand new system. The Deluxe Set includes a 32 GB storage console with a Wii U GamePad, AC adapters for each, a high speed HDMI cable, interesting peripherals such as a stand for the controller or system, and of course it comes with a free copy of Nintendo Land. The Deluxe Set also gains access with a Nintendo Network Premium, which are exclusive eShop...

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brettyd2228d ago

Not enough to make me purchase one at launch, but i don't know how long i'll be able to hold out. I can never resist buying new hardware. Hopefully a price drop comes swiftly like it did with the 3DS.

Lucretia2228d ago

yeah its def too expensive for such low specs.

still its nice semi intro to next gen. like the appetizer before the entree or so to speak.

i'll probably wait a year or so, so price can drop and enough good games will be out

Grimhammer002228d ago

I'll pass. While its marginally better than current hd consoles & yes, it'll look like a tonka toy this time next year when 720/ps4 is revealed.....

It's the games that matter most. And ill wager that in a years time 3rd party support will be dry as a desert.

That means you have to be happy with Mario & Zelda & Metroid etc for most of the consoles life span. I live those games, Mario kart, smash bros etc

But with no new ips from Ninny - a ip with a mature feel, story etc.....

I'll pass

Lucretia2228d ago

thats the normal nintendo console though. weak 3rd party support since the n64. always only counting on the 1st party games and thats it.

atleast its moving in the right direction this time, but the wii-u is going to depend on the life of ps3 and 360 to keep selling. because once all companies focus on real next gen games then wii-u will be left behind :/

Led-Zeppelin2228d ago

I Dont care about the console color - waste of money

I dont care about 10% premium on dlc - Not that much savings, most DLC are only $10-15

Stand is just a stand - Waste of money

Controller charge station - Same Crap as charging it regularly - Waste of money

I can buy a 32 GB SD card for $20 - Not paying extra 50 for it

Nintendo land does not interest me - wouldn't even pay $5 for it

So my choice was the basic edition

Cant wait, this will be my first Nintendo console sense Nintendo 64, so I have not yet experienced all the AAA wii games, so I'm super excited to play some Mario Galaxy 2 and Skyward Sword

DivineAssault 2228d ago (Edited 2228d ago )

all that stuff is a waste of money.. The charge station need to be plugged in any damn way right? not like u can set it on a table w/o a cord stretched to a socket.. stand wont be used, nintendo land is weak... Only problem is color.. So damn bogus that Europes premium edition gets Zombie U w a pro controller & japan gets monster hunter & a pro controller.. US is stuck with Nintendo land? how old is the US nintendo? 5?

optimus2227d ago

When did they say you could use sd cards for storage?... If that's true then i'll end up getting the basic version as well.

ForRealz172227d ago

It'll support external HDDs. Reggie said so. HDD size is up to you.

ShaunCameron2228d ago

I do want the Deluxe Set because it's Black, has more storage space and it comes with a free game just to test out the GamePad.

Other than that I'm hoping to get the WiiU for....

Bayonetta 2
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge
New Super Mario Bros. U
Rayman Legends
Lego City Undercover
The Wonderful 101
Tank! Tank! Tank!

mcstorm2227d ago

I alway tend to get the bigger storage on any console i get. Im not getting the wiiu until march april next year because i have too many games i need to catchup on for my 360 ps3 psv and 3ds so i should have them all done by then and i will then look at getting a wiiu.