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Tom Orry of Videogamer writes: Other than a brief look at the game during last year's Games Convention Leipzig, the last time we had a proper look at Digital Extremes' Dark Sector was eleven months ago. Back then it was shaping up to be a solid entry in the third-person action genre, but it was too early to tell exactly how well it would turn out. Now we've gone hands-on with four levels from the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game, and Digital Extremes might have its first hit game in years.

Great opening levels are underestimated in video games, but they're key to hooking you in. Dark Sector has one of the most memorable opening levels I've played in a long time. It hasn't really got anything to do with the gameplay on offer - it's essentially Gears of War in a new skin - but the way it's presented. The opening level is black and white, and it looks gorgeous. Such a simple graphical technique probably shouldn't have had such a strong impact, but the crisp visuals and strong lighting look stunning without a drop of colour in sight.

Dark Sector has been in development for a long time and this April we'll see if it's been worth the wait. Based on the levels we played it's got a good chance of appealing to the action crowd and its similarities to Gears of War (although Digital Extremes are right to point out that this was in development well before Gears) should work in its favour. How well the glaive performs later in the game and the interest generated from the plot will dictate just how good Dark Sector turns out to be. Look out for a full review near the game's early April release date.

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