Capcom's Latest Financial Info – Big Sales for Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles + Monster Hunter Freedom 2 PSP

Capcom today released their third quarter fiscal year 2007-2008 financial results, and, unsurprisingly, they raked in the cash. Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles was Capcom's landmark title over the holidays, Zack & Wiki and Moto GP 07 sold favorably, as well.

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desolationstorm4324d ago

Hell yeah RE:UC is actually pretty fun wouldnt say a $50 game. More importantly is the fact that Zack and Wiki did decent. I know the game wont become a million seller, but if it reaches 500k I would think capcom would highly consider making a new one. Think about it it could reach 500k with no advertising and simply word of mouth. I must think that maybe even 300k they could turn a profit on it.

Capcom I hope you make a lot of wii games, because you are one of if not the best 3rd party on the wii.

PS360WII4324d ago

Alright RE:UC was a test from Capcom to see if the Wii is a viable system. Obviously it is ^^ Glad they feel Zack & Wiki is doing decently as well. They should be very happy with their performance with the Wii.