Spy Hunter On PS Vita and 3DS Launching October 9th

If October wasn't busy enough, Spy Hunter will be out on October 9th for the PlayStation Vita and Nintendo 3DS.

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Godmars2902286d ago

That you've yet to play...

ab5olut10n2285d ago

Or maybe he's talking about the original?

Godmars2902285d ago

Which one: the actual original arcade title. Or the "remake" which spawned two less inspired - needlessly complicated - sequels which this one seems based on?

Hatsune-Miku2285d ago

We know which version is superior and that's what I'd buy

jidery2285d ago

The one on the system you own.

MasterCornholio2285d ago

of the two handheld versions the Vita one will be a lot better than the 3DS one.

Kind of like Snake Eater 3DS in comparison to the Vita collection.


r212285d ago

Im really hoping the vita version will be better and not a lazy 3ds port.

SandWitch2285d ago

To be honest the game looks terrible even by the 3DS standards.